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[Zbrafish] Re: Back once more for IACUC help

Rachel Tell via zbrafish%40net.bio.net (by rtell from iastate.edu)
Tue Feb 22 12:56:56 EST 2011

Becky -

I cannot speak directly to questions one or two in your message, but I hope
that they generate some good on-list discussions, as they are questions that
I have had, as well.

3)     How do people euthanize their zebrafish?  We use ice water followed
by deep freezing, and I had this set with IACUC previously and had some
references to back it up, but there is a new sheriff in town and they aren't
happy again.  Any thoughts?

Many of us in the aquatic veterinary community utilize overdose of MS-222
(tricaine methanosulfate, trade name Finquel) as our primary euthanasia
method for small fish. It is one of very few AVMA-approved humane euthanasia
methods for fin fish and is supported by a body of literature. MS-222
overdose is the method of euthanasia used in all of the other established
fish labs that I have heard of previously to this as well. This method is
simple, quick, and easy.

As far as cooling then freezing, the AVMA's position is that this is not a
humane method of euthanasia for fish or other animals, including other
ectotherms, in part because the cooling leads to formation of ice crystals
on the skin and in the cells that may be painful and cause distress to the
animal. While quick-freezing of animals already in a deep plane of
anesthesia is acceptable, with zebrafish that seems inefficient and
unnecessary to me because we could simply up the exposure time to or dosage
of MS-222 to euthanize without the need to place a live fish in the freezer.

The AVMA is currently working on updating and revising their human
euthanasia guidelines for fish with lots of input from the aquatic
veterinary community, but the current standards document, from 2007, can be
found here: www.avma.org/issues/animal_welfare/euthanasia.pdf

If you want more information on protocols, etc, I would be happy to help.
Best of luck!


Rachel Tell, DVM
Research Assistant, PhD Student
Biomedical Sciences
Immunobiology Interdepartmental Graduate Studies Program
Iowa State University
rtell from iastate.edu

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