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[Zbrafish] growing embryos

Dikla Yahav dikla at bgu.ac.il
Sun May 21 01:17:42 EST 2006

Hello every body
I work with zbrafish embryos and I have a little problem. Recently, after injecting the embryos with no matter what, they tend to get fungi. I although that it might be because I grow them in the system water instead of embryo water. can any one recommend or tell me how they grow their embryos except of what's written in the fish book? any thing will be blest

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From: rogerhawthorne at msn.com
Date: Friday, May 19, 2006 21:33
Subject: [Zbrafish] Re: Sick Fish
To: bionet-organisms-zebrafish at magpie.bio.indiana.edu

> Can you tell me if you have ever noticed very tiny, almost minute,
> bubbles that stick to the sides of the tank. Super saturated 
> gases can
> form. This often occurs when water goes over a dam. The fish get
> nitrogen gas bubble disease and die off possibly weeks later. I 
> believethey stop flow of blood to small vesels. They take a long 
> time to
> disperse.
> The bubbles seem to stick to the sides and can be moved a goodly 
> amountbefore breaking loose to the surface.
> This condition could have occurred many weeks prior to fish die off.
> Cloudy eyes can be a result as the optic nerve requires a lot of
> oxygen. These bubbles are similar to those formed when Seven Up is
> poured, only much smaller.
> Chris is correct, this most often happens on the intake side of 
> a pump.
> Also when cold water is allowed to warm after being released from
> presure in a pipe.
> I have noticed liver and kidney damage, bulging of both eyes ( best
> viewed from above ), scales standing outwardly, an overall bloating,
> and sometimes hemorraging seen at the surface. And sometimes the gills
> curl a little outwardly as fish try to get more oxygen. I cannot say
> these are all caused by the gases. Their presence can exasberate any
> existing problem, and/or weaken a fish for new maladies.
> I am in no way an expert, but have worked with zebras and other
> tropicals since 1957. I feel more fish are killed by this, than not
> taking chlorine out of water.
> George Streisinger would be amazed at how much is being done 
> with the
> AB strain of Zebra Danio.
> Roger Hawthorne
> Albany, Oregon
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