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Tue May 2 19:53:28 EST 2006

           Now Available - $2000 per knock-out

	Znomics, Inc. of Portland, Oregon is creating a zebrafish gene
knock-out library (ZeneMark® Library) through retroviral mutagenesis.
The company has created insertions in more than 3500 different Ensembl
genes to date and expects to have full coverage of the genome in 2007.
New insertions are added to the database each month.

	The ZeneMark insertional library database can be accessed on the
company's website, Znomics.com. Scientists can analyze all the gene
insertions, conduct BLAST homology searches, key word searches and
chromosomal location searches. The website also gives instructions for
ordering. For further information, email Znomics at  info at znomics.com
or give us a call. Ask for Greg Golling, Ph.D.

				Znomics, Inc.
				2611 S.W. 3rd Ave. Suite 200
				Portland, OR 97201
				Website: www.znomics.com
				Email: info at znomics.com
				Telephone:  503 827-5271  X 101
				FAX: 503 228-3290

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