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water quality-summary

Claude M Nagamine cnagamin at MIT.EDU
Thu Nov 4 09:15:00 EST 2004

Thanks to all that responded to my query about water quality tests.  The

1) I would recommend investing in Hach (www.hach.com) water quality test
kits to measure the following: ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, hardness,
alkalinity and chlorine. The Hach test kits are colorimetric, easy to
perform and by far superior to anything else I have tried.
Conductivity and pH are most easily measured with relatively inexpensive
hand held meters.  Dissolved oxygen levels can be determined with a meter
or test kit. Barring major catastrophe, however, O2 levels will always be
close to saturation in a well designed system (i.e AHAB or Aquaneering

2) We use Hach test kits for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate; meters
for pH, salinity, oxygen, ORP.  Aerate samples and measure pH then
calculate alkalinity
Test kit for Ca.  Have specific ion probes for F-

Well designed zebra systems with a fairly hard water input only need pH.
Systems like Aquaneering have more than enough ammonia oxidation
capability to keep the ammonia down.

3) In our main facility we have a YSI probe that monitors ph,
conductivity, and temperature and controls dosing of salt and bicarb.  To
test for nitrites, ammonia, pH, GH, and KH we use a kit we order from
"That Fish Place". For measuring conductivity in the quarantine room we
use a handheld monitor from Oakton we ordered from Fisher.

4) One person suggested using meters and photometers for all tests.

Thanks again.
Claude Nagamine
MIT Div. Comp. Med.
cnagamin at mit.edu


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