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Developmental Biology Meeting March 22-24 / before ZF

Wolfgang Driever driever at uni-freiburg.de
Mon Jan 25 14:17:37 EST 1999

Dear Colleagues,

On March 22-24, 1999, the 13th Meeting of the Gesellschaft fuer
Entwicklungsbiologie (Society for Developmental Biology of D, CH, A)
will take place in Freiburg Germany. Thus, the meeting takes place
just the three days before the European Zebrafish Meeting in
Tuebingen, which starts March 25, 1999.

Since Freiburg is only about 200 km from Tuebingen, and the meeting
has excellent guest speakers (see program below) and a very low
registration fee of DM 40 only, I thought some of you might be
interested in attending the Developmental Biology meeting in Freiburg
before the Tuebingen meeting.

Abstract deadline is January 30th, registration deadline February
15th. Information on submitting abstracts for oral or poster
presentations, as well as registration forms, can be requested per
email at:     gfe at ruf.uni-freiburg.de per fax at: (Germany

Please find the program below.

Wolfgang Driever


1999 Meeting of the Gesellschaft fuer Entwicklungsbiologie
3rd and last mailing

Dear Colleague:

You are cordially invited to participate at the 13th Symposium of the
Society of Developmental Biology (Gesellschaft fuer
Entwicklungsbiologie), which will be held in Freiburg (i. Breisgau)
Germany. The meeting will begin on Monday, March 22, 1999, and will
end on Wednesday, March 24, 1999. The meeting will cover the following

o Axis Formation
o Segmentation
o Nervous System Development
o Cell Behavior and Morphogenesis
o Plant Development
o Organogenesis
o Evening Lecture (open to the public): P. Gruss

The format of the meeting will include morning and afternoon
sessions. In addition, there will be three poster sessions, held in
the afternoons. Abstracts for posters and short talks on the topics
listed above, as well as on any other subject in developmental
biology, are welcome and can be submitted for presentation. We are
looking forward to a very nice meeting, and hope that you and/or
members of your laboratory will be able to participate. Please bring
this notice to the attention of any of your colleagues who may be

We hope to see you in Freiburg.

The Organizing Committee

Information and application forms can be requested from:
Gesellschaft fuer Entwicklungsbiologie, W. Driever, Institut fuer
Biologie I, Universitaet Freiburg, Hauptstrasse 1, 79104 Freiburg,
Germany, Fax: 0761-203-2597, E-mail: gfe at ruf.uni-freiburg.de Deadline
for posters and short talks is January 30, 1999.

Scientific Program

13th Symposium of the Society of Developmental Biology
(Gesellschaft fuer Entwicklungsbiologie)
from Monday March 22 through Wednesday March 24, 1999

Monday, March 22, 1999

9.00 Session I:  Axis Formation (Chair: H. Schrewe, Freiburg)

 E. Robertson (Cambridge): TGFss signaling and axis formation in the
 A. Ephrussi (Heidelberg): Establishment of polarity of the
Drosophila embryo by RNA localization and translational control
 M. Blum (Karlsruhe): Vertebrate left-right asymmetry: the role of the
homeobox gene Pitx2
 short talks

13.30 Session II:  Segmentation (Chair: B. Brand-Saberi, Freiburg)

 A. Gossler (Bar Harbor): Genetic analysis of somotogenesis in mice
 R. Johnson (Houston): Molecular mechanisms of somite segmentation and
 D. Tautz (Munich): Segmentation and somite formation - is there an
evolutionary link?
 short talks

15.45 Workshops - Short talks

17.00 Poster session 1 ( beer and sandwiches)

19.00 Evening Lecture (open to the public): P. Gruss (Goettingen)

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

9.00 Session III: Nervous System Development (Chair: M. Brand,

 T. Edlund (Umea): Specification of rostrocaudal neural identity
 S. Fraser (Los Angeles): Watching the formation of the olfactory map
using GFP transgenic mice and two-photon microscopy
 J. Campos-Ortega (Koeln): Organisation of the Notch signaling
pathway in early neurogenesis of the zebrafish
 Short talks

13.30 Session IV: Cell Behavior and Morphogenesis (Chair: E. Knust,

 R. Keller (Charlotteville): Cell Behavior Underlying Convergent
Extension Movements In The Organizer and Neural Tissue of Xenopus:
  Similarities, Differences, and Their Significance
 M. Bronner-Fraser (Passadena): Origin and lineage of the neural crest
 R. Rupp (Tuebingen): Regulation of Xenopus MyoD Expression - a
paradigm for
  epigenetic control of cell differentiation?
  short talks

15.45 Poster session 2

17:30 Award of the Otto Mangold Prize and Award Lecture

18:30 Business Meeting of GfE Society Members

20:00 Party (Foyer and zoological collection, Institute for Biology 1)

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

9.00 Session V: Plant Development (Chair: G. Neuhaus, Freiburg)

 E. Coen (Norwich): Molecular origin of floral symmetry
 T. Laux (Tuebingen): How do plants form and maintain the shoot
 B. Scheres (Utrecht): Cell-cell signaling in Arabidopsis root
 S. deVries (Wageningen): A signal  transduction chain in early plant
 short talks

13.30 Poster session 3

15.00 Session VI: Organogenesis (Chair: A. Kispert, Freiburg)

 E. Olson (Dallas): Transcriptional Control of Heart Development
 H. Edlund (Umea): Genes involved in pancreas development
 A. Neubueser (Wien): The function of the nasal placodes for
development  of the face
   short talks

18:30 End of Meeting


Dr. Wolfgang Driever
Dept. of Developmental Biology
Institute Biology 1
University of Freiburg
Hauptstrasse 1
D-79104 Freiburg
Tel:   internat.: 001-49-761 203 2587
                        secr.   -2588
Fax:   internat.: 001-49-761 203 2597
email: driever at ruf.uni-freiburg.de

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