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Summary of fish id

bilotj at wkuvx1.wku.edu bilotj at wkuvx1.wku.edu
Thu Feb 16 18:07:27 EST 1995

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for identifying
zebrafish.  Since sever many asked if I would provide the info I will
try to summarize what I received. 

In general most said that finclipping wasn't a good idea since the
fins grow back so rapidly.  However, here are some alternatives:

1. One person tried a variety of methods with little success.  These
included branding with cold typeset letters, removing scales, and 
injecting dyes under the skin.  Taking pictures of tstriipe patterns
on the tail fin works as long as the fish are not too inbred.

2. Check salmon tagging procedures.

3. Take a fine monofilament fishing line with a blob of nailpolish on 
the end.  Insert the fish line through the back of the fish using a
hypodermic needle and then thread the line through the needle.  The
line is prevented from pulling out by melting the one end.
   Another suggestion is to brand the fish with silver nitrate.
   Another suggestion is to clip the caudal fin in a certain position
and place the fish in a tank with tetracycline.  The tet will be 
incorporated into the bone, etc of the regenerated portion of the fin.
The tet will glow under UV light.

4. Make baskets out of plastic netting that will fit into a tank.  One
fish per basket.  The baskets have a different color float for id. 
The baskets are the same principle as the 'net breeders' found in fish
stores.  The plastic netting is sold in craft stores for cross stitch

Thanks again for all the suggestions. 

Joe Bilotta, Department of Psychology, Western Kentucky University
(502) 745-6314   e-mail: BILOTJ at WKUVX1.WKU.EDU

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