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X-plor September 1995 Archives by subject

Starting: Fri Sep 1 16:55:49 EST 1995
Ending: Thu Sep 28 16:04:15 EST 1995
Messages: 18

  1. [Q]Xplor Electron Density maps and Mathematica   Luca Ida Giovanni TOLDO (Ph.D.)
  2. dimer refinement   Gianluigi Veglia
  3. Help wiht CHarMM   Jeff Taylor
  4. HELP with Water generation   Anurag Joshi
  5. HELP with Water generation   Jiang Jiansheng
  6. IUPAC Polypeptide Nomenclature   Chris Haydock
  7. IUPAC Polypeptide Nomenclature   C. Roy D. Lancaster
  8. Mn2+ SCATters   PHEIKINH at ala.btk.utu.fi
  9. Mn2+ SCATters   Gerard 'CD' Kleywegt
  10. NADP parameter and topology files   cherbavaz at MSG.UCSF.EDU
  11. Param file question   Tomoko.Nishizaki at PH.hines.hokudai.ac.jp
  12. param1.cho for MD?   Gerd Klintschar
  13. param1.cho for MD?   Jiang Jiansheng
  14. Parameters for unsaturated lipids and TFE?   M. Zloh
  15. Resolution of problems with X-plor 3.1 on OpenVMS Alpha   Gerson H Cohen
  16. subscribe x-plor   Oganessyan Vaheh
  17. valine chi-1   Andrew Dalke

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