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[Virology] Could this be a possible treatment for HIV/AIDS?

douglas via virology%40net.bio.net (by Protoman2050 from gmail.com)
Sat May 10 17:08:56 EST 2008

Could this be a possible treatment for HIV/AIDS:

Synthesize a peptide nucleic acid antisense oligonucleotide for HIV’s
gag gene’s mRNA. The reason for using PNA is that it is substantially
more resistant to enzyme degradation by nucleases and proteases. The
reason for choosing the gag gene is that it’s proteins, p24, p17, p7,
and p6, code for the basic physical infrastructure of HIV; w/o these
key proteins, there is no HIV. Then, encapsulate the oligonucleotides
in liposomes studded w/ anti-CD4 antibodies. This will ensure 1)
toxicity is limited—cf Ambisome, the liposomal preperation of
amphotericin B—2) the biologic goes only where it’s needed, which is
the cytoplasm of CD4+ T-cells. Decorating the liposome w/ anti-CD4
antibodies will trigger endocytosis, in my limited knowledge, at
least. I predict low toxicity and high efficacy in reducing the
patient’s viral load to hopefully 0 copies/ml.

Maybe, when I'm doing my PhD or MD dissertation --a long ways off,
below--, I could do it on this, patent the resulting product --ie the
PNA oligonucleotide itself--, and license it to Genentech or Hybridon
for further development into a marketable biologic.

What are your thoughts? Should LNA instead of PNA be used? Cell-
penetrating peptides vs. liposomes? Targeting the gag gene vs.
targeting the pol gene? Using anti-CD4 mAbs vs. anti-gp160 mTcRs as a
drug targeting device? Are there any publications about this subject?

Another drug could be a mTcR for gp160, linked to FasL...this should
cause formation of DISC, leading to the cell's eventual apoptosis. And
since it's linked to an mTcR that only recognizes gp160, only HIV-
infected cells will undergo apoptosis. And since apoptosis is an
organized "format c:" of the cell, the virons will also be

In your expert opinions, do you believe these will cause remission of
HIV/AIDS? Partial or complete?

And, just for fun, what do you think the generic names would be for
these biologics? Brand names?

BTW, if this helps you answer, I'm a 16.5 year old community college
freshman who hopes to have a career as a physician-scientist.


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