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Megan megan at ucla.edu
Thu Mar 28 12:58:55 EST 1996

Megan wrote:
> At 03:34 AM 3/28/96 GMT, you wrote:
> >I am a HS student and in my Biology class I have to write a report
> >on Ebola. My father says that the internet is the place to ask to
> >find the latest news, and the best brains in the world (with
> >exceptions). Anyway, I am late in completing this assignment (is due
> >Friday 3/29) and I need your help. You can send me email to
> >75130.333 at compuserve.com. Please answer the following:
> >What is really known about Ebola? What do YOU know?
> >
> >
> Dear Fabio,
> I know when it is time for someone to do a little research on their own and
> not ask others to hurry up and help you with your homework.  Do a net
> search, read some articles.  Find a newspaper.  You will learn more if you
> find it yourself than if someone spoonfeeds you info that you incorporate
> into a paper for your class.  Also, the least you could do is give more than
> a few hours for people  to help you.  Surely you were not given this
> assignment the day before it is due?
> Sorry, I just get tired of reading posts from people who seem to think the
> web means they dont have to do a little research on their own.
> Megan
> megan at ucla.edu

I want to apologize to Fabio for the previous post.  I overreacted to his post, and I 
misunderstood what he was asking for.  I have seen on this and other newsgroups posts similar to 
his, where a high school student asks people to hurry up and do his or her research for them 
because the paper they have to do is almost due, and on more than one occasion it was  admitted 
that the student had not done much or any research on their own. I thought that was what was 
happening here, and I posted the previous response.  As it turns out, Fabio Coronel has done his 
own research, andd just needs some information from an expert.  As I have told him in a private 
email, this is exactly what this ggroup is for, and I wanted to apologize publicly for my harsh 

Also, I should have known better than to suggest a newspaper (of all things) for him to use for 
his research!  I dont know what i was thinking, it was late, I was tired, and I was a spas.  
Sorry to all!  I will avoid writing posts late at night in the future 8-).

I hope someone who is an expert will reply soon, and give him the information he needs. 

Good Luck Fabio,

megan at ucla.edu

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