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sedimentation at 1g...

Michael L. Perdue mperdue at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Wed Mar 27 09:08:12 EST 1996

On 27 Mar 1996, Ed Rybicki wrote:

> I have just seen the results of centrifuging a TMV-U2 and a BSMV 
> preparation at 1g for 26 yrs and 11 yrs, respectively...the viruses 
> SEDIMENTED!!  There was a beautiful gradient in both cases, of 
> uncontaminated and not-obviously-aggregated virus, from crystal clear 
> ant the top of a 100 ml medical flat bottle, to thick and milky at 
> the bottom - with most of the stuff at the bottom.  I am keeping one 
> BSMV bottle untouched; we shook up the rest in the interests of 
> scientific inquiry (we were clearing out a coldroom in preparation 
> for Barbara von Wechmar's retirement at the end of the year).  BMV 
> preparations left the same length of time (spherical, 30 nm, +/-100S) 
> are uniformly suspended still - but rod-shaped chaps of 150-300 nm 
> and +/-200S sediment beautifully.
> A bit long to wait to concentrate virus tho...but so ELEGANT.
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> "And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you"

Sounds like an intriguing new approach.  Would that be a rate-zonal or an 
equilibrium gradient and what was the radius of your rotor?

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