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Moderation needed.

Bob Horton horto005 at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Mon Mar 11 07:08:04 EST 1996

Pardon me if I'm repeating myself all over again, but these messages 
BOTH bounced back to me, so I shall try again... Of course, since I was 
repeating myself in the first place, I'll just put both versions here:

(Bounced posting #1:)

BIOSCI Administrator (biohelp at net.bio.net) wrote:

: [...]  If someone wants to volunteer to moderate this newsgroup we
: can do the conversion fairly quickly.  Ideally the current discussion
: leader, Robert Coelen (robert at arbo.microbiol.uwa.oz.au) should step
: forward to do this, but we haven't heard from him in some time.  I'm
: happy to take other volunteers if he doesn't respond.  I'll cc him on
: this message.

How about a simple filter to weed out any message that is cross-posted
to any other group? In other words, enforce a no-cross-posts rule.
We'll let all the regulars in on the secret, and the anti-cow's milk
and pro-polio types' messages will just never show up, since they are
almost invariably cross-posted from some group from Dimension X. And
they'll probably never know it, 'cuz most of them don't actually read
this group directly (I'm guessing). Anyway, it would prevent any of us
from having to give up our day jobs to become moderator...


(Bounced posting #2:)

I strongly agree with both this statement and with comments elsewhere
: about misplaced crossposting. If people want to discuss trivia then 
: are quite welcome, indeed encouraged,to do so elsewhere.

Dear BioNetters:

Here are some data points to support my assertion that we would NOT need
moderation if we simply eliminated all cross-posted articles. Note the
Newsgroups from two of the recent Threads That Would Not Die:

Subject: (fwd) Re: Why do humans drink milk? (was BROCCOLIZE the water)


Subject: (fwd) Re: Did Vaccines Eliminate Polio?


If all the followups from all those groups were not sent here by
default, these threads would have precious few messages in them, even if
the pedagogues went to the bother of posting their messages to each
group individually. If you want to hear what the members of
bionet.immunology had to say on a topic, you'd have to read that group,
too. But I'd bet that people interested in both subjects probably read
both groups anyway. (Alternatively, we could filter out any message with
more than two [your favorite number here] entries in the Newsgroups
field, but I vote for enforcing posting to ONE group in BioNet.


Robert M. Horton                                       Have a :) day

"Scotty, try flushing the radioactive waste into the ventilation 

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