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Moderation needed.

Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Tue Mar 5 08:27:58 EST 1996

In article <4hgl21$kdf at net.bio.net>, biohelp at net.bio.net (BIOSCI
Administrator) wrote:

> In article <maga-2702961540380001 at>,
> Giovanni Maga <maga at vetbio.unizh.ch> wrote:

> >This proposal has been raised several times before. As far as I
> >understood, it is not practically feasable, unless we start a new group
> >under another hierarchy.
> Not so!!  If someone wants to volunteer to moderate this newsgroup we
> can do the conversion fairly quickly.  Ideally the current discussion
> leader, Robert Coelen (robert at arbo.microbiol.uwa.oz.au) should step
> forward to do this, but we haven't heard from him in some time.  I'm
> happy to take other volunteers if he doesn't respond.  I'll cc him on
> this message.

That sounds different from what I read in previous postings about the
subject. I am happy, anyway, that the Administrator was stepping in to
clarify the situation. In general, I am interested in knowing how
moderation works, what are the duties of a moderator and eventually take
up the job. As most of the readers, I will have to do it in spare time
from my research work, thus it would be useful to get an idea about the
amount of time needed. Also I will need all the technical informations. I
am using a NewsWatcher 2.0b24 for Macintosh. Since I am connected through
the University Computer Center via MacTCP, I would like to know if it
could cause eccessive traffic on the University Server. Finally, the
decision to have a moderated group or not must be taken after a public
votation. Since I feel that moderation must be done by qualified people,
if I will decide to take the job, I will submit a short CV for general
approvation. I think it must be said that I will change my location from
Zurich (Switzerland) to Pavia (Italy) starting approx. from October, 1st,
1996 and I am not sure if I will have the chance to eventually continue
the job.
Other volunteers are of course welcome.
G. Maga.

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