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Moderation needed.

Marnix Bosch marnix at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 5 09:32:30 EST 1996

The way I see it the only reason moderation on this newsgroup is needed is
the high signal to noise ration. This means that all a moderator has to do
is weed out posts that don't fit the charter, in other words don't discuss
virology or virology related issues (some immunology comes to mind, as
well as cell biology, etc.). One doesn't need to be an expert in virology
to do this. Furthermore the moderator could take a (gentle) role in ending
ongoing debates that aren't going anywhere. Since I was one of the people
to raise this issue I should step up and volunteer, although I do have
questions similar to the ones that Giovanni raises. 


In article <maga-0503961434090001 at>, maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
(Giovanni Maga) wrote:

> In article <4hgl21$kdf at net.bio.net>, biohelp at net.bio.net (BIOSCI
> Administrator) wrote:
> > In article <maga-2702961540380001 at>,
> > Giovanni Maga <maga at vetbio.unizh.ch> wrote:
> > >This proposal has been raised several times before. As far as I
> > >understood, it is not practically feasable, unless we start a new group
> > >under another hierarchy.
> > 
> > Not so!!  If someone wants to volunteer to moderate this newsgroup we
> > can do the conversion fairly quickly.  Ideally the current discussion
> > leader, Robert Coelen (robert at arbo.microbiol.uwa.oz.au) should step
> > forward to do this, but we haven't heard from him in some time.  I'm
> > happy to take other volunteers if he doesn't respond.  I'll cc him on
> > this message.
> That sounds different from what I read in previous postings about the
> subject. I am happy, anyway, that the Administrator was stepping in to
> clarify the situation. In general, I am interested in knowing how
> moderation works, what are the duties of a moderator and eventually take
> up the job. As most of the readers, I will have to do it in spare time
> from my research work, thus it would be useful to get an idea about the
> amount of time needed. Also I will need all the technical informations. I
> am using a NewsWatcher 2.0b24 for Macintosh. Since I am connected through
> the University Computer Center via MacTCP, I would like to know if it
> could cause eccessive traffic on the University Server. Finally, the
> decision to have a moderated group or not must be taken after a public
> votation. Since I feel that moderation must be done by qualified people,
> if I will decide to take the job, I will submit a short CV for general
> approvation. I think it must be said that I will change my location from
> Zurich (Switzerland) to Pavia (Italy) starting approx. from October, 1st,
> 1996 and I am not sure if I will have the chance to eventually continue
> the job.
> Other volunteers are of course welcome.
> G. Maga.

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