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Budding Virologist

Craig Weiser cweiser at sloc.net
Sat Mar 2 23:12:12 EST 1996

What grade are you in?  What you should do first is to keep your grades
high.  It is difficult to see the future at your age, so the best thing to
do is to keep your options as open and as wide as possible.  You want to
go to a good college, so that you will surround yourself with the most
inspiring people in your field of interest.

But if you are a senior with mediocre grades, there is no worry:  Get into
ANY college, kick ass, and then go to the best graduate school, because I
don't care who told otherwise, but as far as the undergraduate level is
concerned, most colleges are identical.  For example, go to a junior
college, do well, then go to UC Berkeley, or Harvard, etc.  You want to go
to the best colleges in virology and epidemiology in the GRADUATE LEVEL.

But if you are all too eager now, go to a University book store and browse
the science section, or "surf the web" for info.  Many textbooks in
virology are good at your level, but you will need more than that:  You
must get biochemistry, organic chemistry, general chemistry, and general
biology text books as well, because once you begin to read your virology
textbook, there will be things that you will not understand, without using
the other texts for reference.

While you do that, try to get in contact with professors at the best
universities (this is easy via email) and confront them with your most
profound ideas.

In addition, use the web to get in contact with companies like Genentech
and get in contact with someone (or organization) who will give you a tour
of the company.  You need to know what your career will be like.

It is hard to give you advice now, because you now feel and see the world
as a young person, and your career will start when you are older.  Many
scary things will happen, but never be afraid and always be able to adapt
to changes --even total changes to your identity, meaning, and purpose.

Always, always, always sieze the moment, and when you have no idea what
you are and what moment to sieze, widen your options so that you will have
more paths to choose in the future.

Good luck.  Craig

by the way, if you want to respond, please email me directly, because I
don't know when the next time I will browse this newsgroup.

In article <4h7sdj$sb7 at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, mtbike15 at aol.com (MtBike15)

>    I am a high-school student seriously interested in a carrear in
> virology or epidemiology.   Are there any courses of study that I might
> pursue in the future that would better enable me to pursue this.   Also
> are there any books that would prove useful to me.   And I don't mean
> stuff like the hot zone.   Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly
> appreciated.  Thanks!!!!
> Rick Coelho
> MtBike15 at AOL.COM

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