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Gangrene Question: Please Help!

Sir Grumpy sirgrumpy at aol.com
Sat Mar 2 12:03:09 EST 1996

I know this is not alt.sci.med but I am posting in any area where someone
with knowledge of this might see it.
Thanks in advance for your help with this. A good friend of mine's mom is
having a real problem. You can email my friend directly with the email
address at the end of this note, which I am posting for him. Or you can
post your advice here and I will forward it to him asap. As you might
imagine, time is an important factor here! Thanks AGaiN! 
SirGrumpy at AOL.COM

Here is his message:
Subject: Gangrene Treatments
Date: 96-02-29 01:05:53 EST
From:	75333.2010 at compuserve.com (Bill & Mary Reed)
To:	sirgrumpy at aol.com (Al Wasner)

     We are looking for treatments for dry gangrene for my mother.  She is
and has severe rhuematoid arthritis. Her mobility is severely limited. The
gangrene came on suddenly during hospitalization for infection  several
weeks ago. The gangrene is on her feet in several spots some of which are
close to 2 inches wide. She has seen a vascular surgeon who ran tests to
conclude circulation is good in her legs but poor in her feet. He
indicated she was not a candidate for any surgery considering her
condition as too risky.

The gangrene is currently being treated with daily water baths and
changes and topical treatment with Panafil. She is not on antibiotics and
taken Prednizone for years. The current treatment appears to be losing
ground as more small spots are appearing. We found some medical articles
in the literature that indicated some excellent success with a treatment
of unprocessed honey which they are currently trying as of 2/28. Does
anybody know any more about this unprocessed honey treatment? We are also
looking for any other types of treatments such as anticoagulents, vascular
dialators, antibiotics, etc.
It would appear that some effective treatment is urgent, 
Thanks for any help,
William and Mary Reed
INTERNET:75333,20110 at cserve.com

Again you can email them directly or if you wish to post here I will
forward your post to them. Thanks again! Sirgrumpy at AOL.COM

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