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New Viruses

Mike Poidinger mikep at biosci.uq.oz.au
Thu Jun 20 19:57:02 EST 1996

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996 07:35:41 -0700, James Howard
<phiskers at worldnet.att.net> wrote:

>I have suggested to this group that testosterone increases vulnerability 
>to viruses and bacteria. 

Indeed you have, although you have been more vocal on the testosterone
precursor, DHEA, which apparently causes AIDS,sleep, schitzophrenia,
is responsible for human evolution, and is resonsible for SIDS.
Pretty handy molecule

James, James, James,  Can we say 'symptom'?  can we differentiate this
from 'cause'?

Man gets headache
Man takes paracetamol
Headache goes away
Man was suffering from paracetamol defficiency.

Isn't it just possible the changed levels of hormones found in various
disorders are caused by the disorder, not are the cause of the

> I know that black males produce significantly 
>more testosterone than white males (Journal of the National Cancer 
>Institute 1986; 76: 45).  I have been told by an investigator in 
>endocrinology that black women produce more testosterone than white 
>women, but the group will not publish this.  (I have tried a number of 
>different MEDLINE searches in various ways on racial differences in 
>testosterone in women without results.  I guess this is just too 
>polically incorrect.) 

You're probably right.  The fact that the researchers thought the
research unpublishable or the reviewers thought it unpublishable on
pure scientific merit is much less likely to be the answer.

> However, before you dismiss me and my work as 

Racist? not at all. Incorrect? that's another matter.

>I invite you to read the following quotaton from my article on 
>AIDS at http://www.naples.net/~nfn03605 on the web. 

I have done, along with everything else there.  You forgot to mention
the copyright.

>"November 24, 1995, the Associated Press reported the latest data 
>concerning HIV infection rates in people 27 to 39 years old in the U.S.  
>The A.P. article included the following: women are 'four times less 
>likely to be infected,' 

Hmm.  US AIDS is primarily a disease of risk-homosexuality and
intravenous drug usage.  Why do I get the feeling there are (at least)
4 times as many men in this category as women?

>I suggest the "new viruses," including the HIV entered the human 
>population in Africa due to increased testosterone in the native 

*sigh*  I guess those theories suggesting increased medical awareness,
damge of rural environments and interactions between man and other
animals are just...wrong?

Could you please lower the constant advertisements for your web page
of your copyright theories based on other-peoples-data to this
newsgroup to say...once a year?

Alternatively, please get them published in a peer reviewed journal.


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