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New Viruses

Michael L. Perdue mperdue at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Fri Jun 21 07:50:51 EST 1996

	 Since it appears this newsgroup is not going to acheive 
moderation, even 
though several have volunteered, I will take the opportunity to respond 
to Mr. Howard before I cancel.  I have a good friend who is an attorney 
who is also black.  Having grown up white in rural Mississippi in an 
environment which fostered racism, I have been forced all my life to deal 
with my own unwanted prejudices and and am acutely aware of how it works.  
When I 
have conversations regarding race relations with my friend (who heartily 
attended the Million Man March), many times I find I try to "defend" 
certain actions of some people of my race.  Then he will relate one of a 
number of true stories in which he was faced with blatant racism, such as 
walking down the street, someone driving seeing him and immediately 
Locking the car door.  Or being the only one on an elevator when a white 
woman gets on and seeing the fear in her face as she realizes she is 
"alone with a black man" and stops the door to retreat.  He's a pretty 
good freind, I don't think he makes these things up.  Then I get to read 
crap like this on a supposed newsgroup.  As a result of all this my 
arguments to defend people like Mr Howard get weaker and weaker.  I would 
imagine Mr. Howard that the current rate of attempted zombification and 
canibalism is considerably higher among white european males in the US 
(see Jeffrey Dahmer), so what does that mean???  IN OTHER WORDS--What's 
your point Mr. Howard?  If you have a point why don't you get it out, why 
did you pick testosterone and not melanin?  I wonder?!  Best of luck on 
your theory, please continue to find all the fragmentary evidence you can 
to support it but sometime--- please tell us how all this knowledge is going 
to help with understanding or controlling emerging viruses.

Michael L. Perdue, Ph.D.
Athens, Georgia  30605
Ph: 706-546-3435
Fx: 706-546-3161
mperdue at asrr.arsusda.gov

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, James Howard wrote:

> I have suggested to this group that testosterone increases vulnerability 
> to viruses and bacteria.  I know that black males produce significantly 
> more testosterone than white males (Journal of the National Cancer 
> Institute 1986; 76: 45).  I have been told by an investigator in 
> endocrinology that black women produce more testosterone than white 
> women, but the group will not publish this.  (I have tried a number of 
> different MEDLINE searches in various ways on racial differences in 
> testosterone in women without results.  I guess this is just too 
> polically incorrect.)  However, before you dismiss me and my work as 
> racist, I invite you to read the following quotaton from my article on 
> AIDS at http://www.naples.net/~nfn03605 on the web.  This is some 
> material from the CDC in 1995.  Take a close look at the findings in this 
> quotation; they support my hypothesis.  A specific citation, published 
> by the CDC, is also provided for support.
> "November 24, 1995, the Associated Press reported the latest data 
> concerning HIV infection rates in people 27 to 39 years old in the U.S.  
> The A.P. article included the following: women are 'four times less 
> likely to be infected,' and the infection rates are 1 in 139 white males 
> vs. 1 in 1,667 in white females; 1 in 33 black men are infected, while 1 
> in 98 black women are infected.  The news release is based on the latest 
> data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Science 1995; 
> 270: 1372)."
> I suggest the "new viruses," including the HIV entered the human 
> population in Africa due to increased testosterone in the native 
> populations.  This is the same effect that causes the "unexpected finding 
> that under the same social conditions [in the U.S.], blacks are 
> apparently infected more by Mycobacterium tuberculosis than whites." (The 
> New England Journal of Medicine 1990; 322: 422)
> James Howard

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