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VIROLOGY/bionet.virology is now moderated!

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at net.bio.net
Sat Jul 27 04:27:05 EST 1996

Due to an increasing level of noise on this newsgroup, it has been
converted to a moderated forum.  The revised newsgroup charter is
included below.  Our moderation technique will secure the VIROLOGY
mailing lists from all spams and will stop all but forged approvals in
the bionet.virology USENET distribution.

All posts sent to the newsgroup from here on will go to the moderators
(Marnix L. Bosch, Brett Lindenbach, and Thomas Pfitzner) for approval.
Each of the three moderators will rotate the task on approximately a
monthly basis with Thomas initiating the process.  The moderation
policy is also included in the charter.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net


Information for VIROLOGY/bionet.virology (moderated)

USENET newsgroup name:  bionet.virology

Status:                 Moderated

One line Description:   Research into virology.

Moderation address:     bionet-virology at net.bio.net
                        (virology-moderator at net.bio.net
                         is an alias for
                         bionet-virology at net.bio.net)

Moderators:             Marnix L. Bosch
                        Brett Lindenbach
                        Thomas Pfitzner

Mailing list name:      VIROLOGY

E-mail addresses:       virology at net.bio.net
                        virology at daresbury.ac.uk

Newsgroup Charter:

It is the intention to use bionet.virology as a group for:

(a) the posting of information relating to:

        (1) Virus taxonomy
        (2) Virus structure and morphogenesis
        (3) Multiplication of viruses
        (4) Virus genetics and evolution
        (5) Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of viruses
        (6) Host response to viral infections
        (7) Vaccinology and antiviral chemotherapy
        (8) Any other matters pertaining to viruses not 
            mentioned above
        (9) Discussion on journal publications in topics listed above
       (10) Requests for information in the topics listed above 
Whilst the group name is virology and the charter above only mentions
viruses, postings in the above categories about infectious agents such
as viroids and prions are to be included in this group. Discussion
about evolution should be restricted to viral evolution only.

(b) the posting of news on methods or reagents relating to techniques
used uniquely for or with viruses It is not intended to include
postings on methods or reagents common to molecular biology.  These
are better placed in bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts.

(c) the posting of articles from various 'non-journal' publications
such as CDI weekly, and other infectious diseases bulletins and the
various virus newsletters (eg Virus Information Exchange Newsletter)

(d) the posting of articles relating to current outbreaks of viral
disease around the world

Moderation Policy: Mass-posted commercial messages, chain letters, and
similar postings not germane to the newsgroup's charter will be
deleted without comment. Inappropriate messages posted in good faith
will be returned to the sender.

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