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Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Wed Jan 31 08:36:32 EST 1996

In article <4emlc5$16k at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, tfcrow at aol.com (TFCrow) wrote:

>  How could a person who is not vaccinated pose a threat to one
> who is if, indeed, vaccinations work? Look at the statistics, quite often
> over 50% of the children coming down with measles etc. have been fully
> vaccinated and should be "immune".

I do not want to re-open the debate. Aynway I would like to offer you a
few considerations:

- The unvaccinated guy, will probably take benefit of the fact that most
of the other people are vaccinated, thus being protected as well. But if
the majority of individuals will stop to be vaccinated, then the risk of
infection within the population will become very high. The choice of being
vaccinated or not cannot be considered exclusively on a personal basis.

- Vaccination does not always mean full protection against the infection.
It can simply give less severe sympthoms and a faster recovery. Moreover,
the response of different individuals to vaccination is not the same.
Thus, the same vaccine can confere different degrees of protection from
one to another.

I hope that between the *good books*, there were also some explaining the
point of view of who think that vaccines should work. Be careful with the
statistics. To have a precise idea of what is going on, you should try to
compare different sources of informations, possibly from people with
different opinions on the subject or from some national agency. When you
say that:

> It has been my experience that the
> people most passionate about the subject usually have not studied.

You are taking a great responsability, since you say that all the people
who contributed to the discussion on this group and were pro-vaccination
did not know the matter. Do you think so? But, could the same argument be
made also for people *passionate* against vaccines? For example, I am sure
you were collecting tons of data, but did you spend also the same time to
study immunology? I mean, are you sure you know exactly what you are
trying to deny? There is no sarcasm in this question. As far as I know,
you could be the most expert immunologist as well (I am not such, I warn
you). The point here is that it has been my experience that the people
most passionate in fight vaccination, often do not even know the basic
A note: I do not feel that crossposting to sci.med.nutrition or
sci.med.nursing or alt.activism.children (as well as to nine other groups)
will be good NETiquette. Thus I will answer you personally and on
bionet.virology (the group where I found the message) only.
Regards, Giovanni.

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