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Highly developed Central African Countries

Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Thu Jan 25 03:46:31 EST 1996

In article <4e6dl2$cbd at news.ios.com>, RH Gerber <rhgerber at chelsea.ios.com>

> I am sorry, but you cannot lay the blame for much of what goes on in 
> areas like that on the native people, their ignorance, or any amount of 
> imagined 'corruption' in the some bad old 'system'.  The Catholic church 
> certainly has the money to afford the necessary equipment to have 
> prevented this outbreak in the first place.  Very few organizations on 
> the planet have the money that the Catholic Church has and this sort of 
> thing is just inexcusable.  
> You have to wonder just how many diseases they spread on a regular basis 
> through this type of medical practice?  Most of which goes unnoticed 
> because the natives often hitch rides from great distances and then 
> return after their shot, perhaps with a brand new disease.  If they die 
> or get worse, no one knows if they are too sick to get back.

Hu, that's new to me...are you saying that the Catholic Church is the
cause for the spreading of Ebola as well as for the high incidence of
tubercolosis, philariosis and whatever else desease is affecting third
world people? I do not know if you have ever visited or seen missions in
the third world, or are aware of the conditions in which these people
work. I would say that catholic (as well as from other confessions)
missions together with medical volunteer associations (medicine sans
frontiers for example) have the merit to make possible large vaccination
programs in the third world. The point is that funding these programs IS
NOT entirely on duty of the Catholic Church, but mainly of the WHO, the
UN, the developed countries. Speaking about the financial situation of the
Catholic Church without evidently knowing it seems to me more a
manifestation of anti-Catholic attitude. This latter is of course
absolutely respectable, I just say that your personal opinions should not
cause you to loose the objectiveness in evaluating facts and formulating
A small note: your message was cross-posted to at least seven or eight
scientific newsgroups. This is unnecessary IMHO. I do not know if it was
you or from the original poster. Anyway, this replay will appear only in
bionet.virology (the group where I found it) alt.politics.economics and
talk.politics.medicine, since I feel that answers would be more of a
general nature than the one usually accepted on bionet.virology group. I
would also propose that other readers of this newsgroup that want to jump
into this thread, direct their postings only to talk.politics.medicine or
alt.politics.economics, where these topics really belong to, as I will do
for all the eventual future postings about that. Thanks. 

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