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K. Weber kweber at efn.org
Sat Jan 20 17:05:34 EST 1996


On 15 Jan 1996, Bruce Phillips wrote:

> 	There have been several postings recently concerning polio and
> CFIDS.  Could someone define CFIDS and its relationship to polio or
> other picornaviruses, or any other virus, please?  Thanks.

	For a discussion of polio vaccine contaminants isolated from 
FM/CFIDS/ME patients, I think you should check Dr. Martin's Web site.  
All we can really conclusively show at this point is that FM/CFIDS/ME 
patients, unless I am out of date, is that we have viruses in our blood and 
other bodily fluids which are not 
normally found in healthy individuals.  Dr. Martin will try to keep 
readers of his homepage up to date on this.  There is other information 
in my previous posts.  I will try to post the diagnostic criteria in the 
near future.  The reason that people keep looking for viral etiology is 
the behavior of the inferred pathogen.  There have been numerous 
large clusters throughout the century, and it is hard to imagine how 
these could have been caused except by a viral or environmental agent, or 
both.  Inital onset is often very abrupt, and no bacteria is found upon 
	After I was in recovery from my 13 month viral illness in 1980 and
able to get out a little, my husband called me from his office to say that 
their receptionist had a high fever and was delirious.  She was to be 
taken to San Fransico General Hospital a few blocks from our house, so I 
walked there to meet her.
	There was not much that I could do, she was very delirious.  A 
spinal tap revealed only viruses.  Her diagnosis was viral encephoelitis.  
It was two months before she could return to work.  I don't know what the 
long-term outcome was.
	A community wide survey conducted by the San Fransisco Health Dept.  
hopes to determine how many people are still sick.  Of those who had 
symptoms of FM/CFIDS/ME, only 10-12% reported recovery.  Usually this 
disease is not diagnosed until the person has been ill for some months.  San 
Fransiscans, like my husband's receptionist, may not have been picked up 
in this data.  The illness is relapsing, so it is askable whether, 
as more time passes, more people will relapse.  CFIDS can cause clinical, 
and probably secondary, MS and Lupus, which varies from that seen in the 
non-CFS population.  Both diseases are suspected of being microbial in 
their etiology.  Like many other PWCs, I have developed mild MS.  This 
was first seen five years after my primary diagnosis, which was 
pronounced by a muscle neurologist on tertiary referral.  It was not seen 
on MRI at the time of my 1985 diagnosis.


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