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African "AIDS" myth is falling apart

charles mccarthy pandoc at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jan 18 19:09:46 EST 1996

In <30FDFAC4.4D07 at pen.gulbenkian.pt> Joao Vasconcelos Costa
<jcosta at pen.gulbenkian.pt> writes: 
>Is furanose also responsible for positive PCR tests???
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The following was posted on misc.health.aids in response to an original
posting on "furanose":

This is an excellent example of how nonsense written by the
scientifically naive on behalf of some helpless, but supposedly
educated professional "patient", gets posted by a feckless PhD on
behalf of the few without a clue- the "non-thinkers" or as the old
Pentecostal ministers would say, those afflicted with "stinken

Where to begin?  I think the most absurd notion is the one about
home-brew beer and its chronic use (in poor people) is suddenly causing
AIDS in Africa because somebody  tauts a relationship to "furanose".

First of all, furanose is not a specific entity.  Furanoses are a
"group" of saccharides and other molecules containing a furan grouping.
 Sucrose, the common sugar found in many fruits and vegetables mixed
with other saccharides, and in sugar cane and sugar beets in higher
amounts, is a furanose, a disaccharide, and specifically it is

Arabinose and mannose are not oligosaccharides as claimed.  They are
actually simple monosaccarides.

The incomplete case history presented indicated ingestion of
nitrofuradantoin.  This is a compound that can be prepared from
1-aminohydantoin sulfate and 5-nitro-2-furaldehyde diacetate or
alternate routes, but it is not a derivative of "furanose".  

Nitrofuradantoin contains the furan grouping, however, nobody in the
whole wide world has produced a positive antibody response to a
compound of low molecular weight containing a furan grouping that I am
aware of.  And if they had, they would publish in an appropriate forum
for peer review, rather than blather all over an internet newsgroup,
and throw a tantrum for the WHO until authorities have to be called in
to arrest the disturbance.

Nitrofurantoin is not a completely benign medication.  It can cause nausea
and vomiting, fever, rash, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and progressive
pulmonary interstitial fibrosis.  Paresthesias followed by severe
polyneuropathy can result if the drug is not discontinued, especially in
patients with renal failure.  Hemolytic anemia can occur in patients with
G6PD deficiency (the patient being a black man had about a 10% chance of
this occurring).  Leucopenia and hepatotoxicity have been reported.

In the final analysis,  those who need attention, those with personality
disorder, and the bored decadent who post this kind of unadulterated
bullshit, and purport its usefulness in support of some perverted effort to
claim a pandemic viral infection doesn't exist, will be better off finding
a cure for their own insatiable need to be harmful to the other person for
the sake of their own convenience.


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