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African "AIDS" myth is falling apart

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Wed Jan 17 03:31:20 EST 1996

From:     Dr. James DeMeo <demeo at mind.net>
Reply to: Dr. James DeMeo <demeo at mind.net>

15 January 1996

Regarding:  AIDS in Africa, and
The Continued Suppression of Dissenting Views in Science and Medicine

During a recent visit to Africa, I met with Dr. Mulugheta O. M., an African
educated in medicine at the University of Leiden, Netherlands.  He had
practiced in both The Netherlands and in Malawi, and made many unusual
observations related to the "AIDS Epidemic".  Quite on his own, seven years
ago, he became a critic of the conventional view of AIDS.  At the time when
I met him, in 1994, he did not know anything about the AIDS dissident
movement in Europe or the USA, nor the scientific criticisms of Duesberg,
Root-Bernstein, Elopulos/Lanka, and others.  During my visits to Eritrea in
1994 and 1995, Dr. Mulugheta informed me of his personal story and tragedy
which possibly holds the key to understanding part of the epidemiology of
"AIDS" in Africa.  It also provides additional dramatic support for the
AIDS criticism movement in the USA and Europe, and sheds considerable light
on the irresponsible and even devious practices and politics of "AIDS
testing" facilities in Europe, and the conspiracy of silence at work in the
medical and scientific mainstream.

Mulugheta and his wife simultaneously developed various "AIDS" symptoms a
few weeks after they started taking the nitrate-based antibiotic
nitrofurantoin, for a minor urinary tract infection.  This particular
antibiotic is widely used under different names.  The symptoms included,
among others, polneuropathy, dermatitis, alopecia, allergic pneumonitis,
herpes zoster, and severe headaches. Upon the advice of local physicians,
he was tested for "AIDS", and got a positive reaction to the Western Blot
and Elisa.  Mulugheta was shocked at this result, as he felt the symptoms
were the clear result of the antibiotic.  When they stopped taking the
nitrofurantoin, their symptoms vanished.  Mulugheta says his arguments to
the local Netherlands physicians fell upon deaf ears, and additionally he
feels they were dismissive of his claims because he was an African.  He was
a refugee from the bloody war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and was
schooled in all the high moral/ethical values of western science, and was
shocked to learn that many Western scientists and doctors pay scant
attention to those values. However, Mulugheta persisted in his questioning
of the test results and diagnosis, and upset a lot of "top" people who were
pressuring him to simply accept the diagnosis (and quietly go off and die
somewhere else).  He claims, upon undertaking a second set of tests, there
was subsequent falsification of data by the labs, involving some of the big
names in European AIDS research and the WHO AIDS program.  He filed
complaints and even a lawsuit against the perpetrators to get at the bottom
of the matter, but this brought a strong counter-attack, and at one point
he was jailed (apparently for refusing to leave WHO offices until his
questions were addressed seriously).  Later, he and his family fled the
Netherlands and returned to Eritrea, where I met him and learned about his

To summarize the observations of Dr. Mulugheta:

1.  The widely used antibiotic nitrofurantoin has the capacity in some
unknown percentage of patients to elicit many of the same symptoms of
clinical AIDS, and additionally may produce a sero-conversion to "HIV
Positive" on Western Blot testing method.  He claims to have traced the
precise biochemical pathway whereby the nitrate-base chemistry of
nitrofurantoin triggers reactions in specific bands of the Western Blot
test.  He came to these conclusions in 1989 and 1990, and had sent letters
and articles to various medical and science journals about it, but got no
response whatsoever, only silence.  This was *before* he learned (from me)
about the role of nitrate-based inhalants in certain CDC-defined symptoms
of AIDS in the USA.  I recall his wide-eyed reaction when I informed him of
these findings, and also after providing him with copies of the Rethinking
AIDS mateirals and other articles by Duesberg, Root-Bernstein,  Eleopulos,

2.  Dr. Mulugheta argues that there are certain widely-consumed alcoholic
beverages used in Africa which are made from fermented corn, barley and
oats, to include the husks which are rich in nitrate compounds.  He
believes that this is the reason for many Africans testing positive for
"HIV" when in fact it is only a nitrate-based trigger, from the widespread
home-brew alcoholic drinks, affecting the test.  Arguably, these alcoholic
drinks are consumed in greatest quantity in poor areas of Africa, where
other environmental and social factors which produce health problems
overlap to produce "AIDS". This observation, according to Mulugheta (and he
appears to be correct here) demonstrates a straightforward, testable and
theoretically-compatible connection between the "AIDS epidemics" in both
Europe/USA and Africa.  

Here are some quotes from an 8-page "Open Letter to the World Health
Organization" he recently wrote, out of anger and frustration at the
continuing silent-treatment he received:

"Using the Nitrofurantoin model, I unravelled the pharmacologic and
immunologic bases in the pathogenesis of AIDS.  I formed a link between the
so-called dual AIDS epidemiologies in Western Europe and U.S. and the one
in Africa.  ... They are both drug-related, i.e. therapeutic or
recreational in the West and dietary or alcoholic in Africa.  The Furanose
sugar (of which nitrofurantoin is made) or its metabolites, i.e. the furans
which are found in the husks of maize, barley, and oats explain the
multitudes of seropositives in Africa.  Similarly, arabinose and mannose
and other oligosaccharides or their metabolites can trigger antibodies
analogous to those of HIV.  The chronic use of or exposure to these agents
leads to full blown AIDS."

"Could Gp 120 and Gp 41 be one and the same glycoproteins differing only in
molecular weights in kilodaltons?  In fact, they are the only glycoproteins
from the 9 different antibodies against the HIV.  Their location is in
juxtaposition in the viral envelope, could they be clevage products of one
structure?  This condition must be met for nitrofuranntoin to induce the
production of both antibodies.  That they are clevage production of one
antigenic structure was 5 years later confirmed by Eleni
Papadopulos-Eleopulos, et al."

"Could the Furanose sugar with is the main building block of nitrofurantoin
or its metabolites be the culprit in the generation of the antibodies
analogous to those of HIV?  This was later proven by Muller et al when they
discovered the carbohydrate containing antigen lipoarabinomannan (LAM)
(AIDS, 1990:4:159-62).  For 7 years I have said Furanos can do the same
thing, and for this reason I was put in jail by the WHO!"

"Could the Furans (derivatives of Furanose) which are pentose sugars, be
the culprit for the multitude of seropositives in Africa?  The furans are
found in the husks of maize, barley and oats.  Maize is the main stay of
the Central African States and much if not all of their local drinks are
made from maize.  To concentrate the alcoholic contents, the Africans
employ mainly the husks."

"The Missing Link.  Peter Duesberg's Drug Hypothesis explaining the
American and West European Epidemiology could be linked with the African
one if the Furanose hypothesis is conrrect.  The Amyl nitrates, aphrodisiac
rectal dilators, and iv drugs could antigenically be related to furanose
and mannose-type oligosacharrides... Peter Duesberg's Epidemiological
approach completely reciprocates my immunological and pharmacological

I shall be mailing a copy of Dr. Mulugheta's "Open Letter to WHO" to
various AIDS Criticism groups and individuals over the next week.  Copies
are also available to others who request it (send postal address).  Since
Mulugheta has been so completely censored on this subject, it would appear
he would be glad to have his story, and his ideas, more widely spread via
the internet.  I should also add that my own two-years of field work in
Africa (focused on issues of drought) in a peripheral way confirmed what
was presented in the video by Meditel, that there is in fact no epidemic
AIDS taking place, but rather a number of smaller epidemics of
malnutrition, poor sanitation and housing, tuberculosis, and other
infectious and parasitical diseases.  There is a big campaign, with much
money and resources, devoted to stoping the spread of hypothetical HIV, but
the real problems facing ordinary Africans get far less attention.  The
health professionals in Africa are mostly unquestioning of what they learn
from "official sources" in the west.  They mostly look to Europe and
America, and the UN and WHO, as a source of funding for nearly everything. 
Therefore, even if their own observations fully agree with the AIDS
criticism, given the stark poverty of much of Africa, they have a strong
economic motivation to never question "the hand that feeds them". Mulugheta
has paid a high price for his outspokenness, which in Africa can often get
one killed. Fortunately, Eritrea is one of the more reform-minded places in
Africa today, so he appears safe.

I have written these paragraphs, and circulated them with Dr. Mulugheta's
"Open Letter", out of a shared sense of outrage, that those in the
power-political positions of modern science treat others without that power
with the utmost contempt and arrogance.  Surely, this arrogant contempt has
not only been directed at Africans, but also at a host of American and
European researchers as well, who dare to challenge the orthodox view, of
"Infectious HIV" as the cause of AIDS.

The reader may copy and post this message elsewhere, but only in its
entirety and in unedited form..

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA
(541) 552-0118 (telephone/fax)
demeo@ mind.net

Dr. Mulugheta O.M.
PO Box 4221
Asmara, Eritrea
East Africa

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