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Did Vaccines Eliminate Polio?

Cor de Rover cderover at noord.bart.nl
Fri Jan 12 17:30:11 EST 1996

bbowen at Megatest.COM (Bruce Bowen) wrote:

>  What I have heard is that Polio is a disease OF sanitation.  It did
>not become a major health problem until modern sanitation procedures
>came into place. 

> This is because polio usually tends to be a relatively innocuous disease 
>if you get it as an infant, and with poor sanitation, almost every infant got it.  
> When modern sanitation practices came into being, most infants were then spared infection,
>only to get it later in life when it's much more serious

I was told that the disease was worse for children who were more
active. Especially sports like swimming or gymnastics had a bad name.

Children who were very active at the moment of infection, were more
ill and got more severe disabled. 

Before worldwar II many people considered sporting unhealthy for
children, because of this reason. 

Better sanitation and doing more sport are fruits of the same tree.
Before that mostly poor people were severe hit by the disease and
propably died of it. (Low costs) 
The higher class people lived more isolated at that time.

After that the people who sported (those with the money) were more hit
and that resulted in more disabled persons. (High costs)

You could say, that when the higher classes got it, the illness became
a problem.

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