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Did Vaccines Eliminate Polio?

brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Fri Jan 12 13:20:46 EST 1996

>richj at pixi.com (Richard Jacobson) wrote:
>>On Thu, 11 Jan 1996 11:05:56, finkel at links.com (Richard Finkelstein)
>>There may not be lynching but there would be a large
>>outcry from the populace as the study was occurring
>>and polio and other diseases which had been under
>>control rear their ugly heads.
>The mortality statistics (I keep repeating this; are my posts making it 
>to the board?!!) indicate decades long declines prior to vaccination 
>(except polio; less than a decade, but clearly established 
>pre-vaccine)...based on this it is likely that diseases would only "rear 
>their ugly heads" in the stats from Drs. who began actually reporting the 
>cases they had already been encountering (one study found that 3% of NY 
>Drs. report measles cases, for example), and (mis)diagnosing more cases 
>where they don't exist (which has been documented--see earlier post).

You are defeating your own argument here. If diseases are under-reported,
how do you know that these diseases were in decline?

>Meanwhile, with no likely significant change in mortality and incidence, 
>there would be a dramatic decline in vaccine adverse events and 
>corresponding chronic disease and dysfunction.
>>>But you would not be reckless in conducting an experiment
>>where in all likelihood, based upon the same kind
>>of experiment done in other countries, the incidence
>>of diseases would exponentially increase?
>If incidence genuinely increased as you suggest (and evidence suggests 
>that incidence figures reflect the postion of the health professionals 
>rather than the actual occurance of disease), but mortality remains 
>unchanged, then the community benefits from enhanced natural immunity 
>which is permanent, as opposed to the temporary vaccine induced immunity 
>(if indeed even that occurs).

I suggest you research the history of yellow fever vaccination. If you learn
how to use the library, you will find that a single vaccination provokes
lifelong immunity, just like a natural infection. However, the 17D attenuated
vaccine has never caused human illness whereas yellow fever kills 5-10% of those
that are infected. If you disagree, please include your sources.

>Alan Phillips, intercom at nando.net
>"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds." 
>Albert Einstein

Don't flatter yourself, Alan. Posession of a great spirit doesn't necessarily
follow from finding opposition.

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