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Ebola/Hiv multiple questions

Peter pemanuel at umabnet.ab.edu
Wed Jan 3 14:46:28 EST 1996

> Is there the possibility that the Ebola/HIV/Marburg/Dengue viruses might
> have something in common that would bring about a cure?
> I have notice that the patients were have with full blown AIDS, all have low
> cloride levels, and bleach does kill the virus out of the body.  Could there
> be a correlation in this?
> I received a tape of Dr. Strecker's.  Are you familiar with this?  Is the
> idea he presents possible?  It soulnds very probable.  He suggests that the
> AIDS virus was transmitted first, not in monkeys of any kind, but actually
> when the  WHO  was in Africa giving the small pox vaccine to the residents
> there, they were actually using a form of chemical warfare.  He is a
> physician in California, and these tapes are wide spread, now.
> If a common denomanater (sp) was found, with all these viruses, and their
> mutations, because they all do the same, would not a cure be quick in coming?
> Thanks, Mari.

Dear Mari,
  I belive your intentions are good so please do not be deluded by people
who spread panic for their benefit or their simple amusement at watching
you shudder.  These viruses may appear similar but are in fact quite
varied in their origins and mode of action.

  The only story I have heard which scares me more than this Strecker's is
the widespread acceptance by some in the african american community that
AIDS is a manufactered attempt to destroy them by the American Gov. 
Anyone who has ever worked with the Am. Gov would know that they are
incapable of balancing the budget let alone engineering a retrovirus. In
short ingnore this Strecker.

  Your Chlorine question is beyond me as I am a mere Mol Biologist. 
Perhaps Sci.med or a similar net node would help.  A point-Bleach
(hypochlorite kills pretty much anything even a pateint injected with it.)


Peter Emanuel Ph.D.
University of Maryland
School of Medicine
410-706-429410-706-8012 FAX

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