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Ebola/Hiv multiple questions

Don Haut c601591 at mizzou1.missouri.edu
Wed Jan 3 17:50:48 EST 1996

 > Is there the possibility that the Ebola/HIV/Marburg/Dengue viruses might
 > have something in common that would bring about a cure?

Possibly....  Who knows.  All of these are very poorly understood.  Lots
of good research on them but a long way to go. 
 > I have notice that the patients were have with full blown AIDS, all have low
 > cloride levels, and bleach does kill the virus out of the body.  Could there
 > be a correlation in this?

I'm not a Dr. so I dont know about this one.  With what I know about HIV
about those viruses I dont think it would be that simple.  Viruses may be
small but they have very many effects.  Remember, Mark Twain once said
"for every complicated problem there is a very simple answer...  and it is
 > I received a tape of Dr. Strecker's.  Are you familiar with this?  Is the
 > idea he presents possible?  It soulnds very probable.  He suggests that the
 > AIDS virus was transmitted first, not in monkeys of any kind, but actually
 > when the  WHO  was in Africa giving the small pox vaccine to the residents
 > there, they were actually using a form of chemical warfare.  He is a
 > physician in California, and these tapes are wide spread, now.

I can only describe this Physician's  ideas with one word: POOP.  
Dont let the fact that he is a physician cloud your judgement of his
ideas.  Every profession has its share of fools.  All of the available
evidence points in directions other than those taken by Dr. Strecker.  My
cynical side leads me to believe that he knows crazy ideas sell more video
tapes than sane ones.  I would ignore him if I were you.


Don Haut 
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
University of Missouri-Columbia
C601591 at showme.missouri.edu

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