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Ebola Virus Question

Tue Jan 2 12:57:23 EST 1996

EdRegis (edregis at aol.com) wrote:
: >I am sure someone has thought of this before... but why couldn't 
: >Ebola Reston be used as a vaccine for Ebola Zaire and Sudan? 

: Probably because of the lack of homology and cross-reactivity among the
: three.  Ebo-R was not fatal to humans although it was for cyno monkeys. 
: Ebo-Zaire-Kikwit convalescent serum was used in the Kikwit outbreak when
: Tamfum Muyembe injected 8 Ebola patients in Kikwit General Hospital with
: serum taken from previous survivors of that outbreak, which had a 77%
: fatality rate.  Seven of those eight survived, although some critics have
: made the point that maybe those patients were getting better anyway.  

: Ed
: edregis at aol.com

Also, from my understanding of the three strains, they are serologically
related but genotypically distinct so that challenge with a wild-strain of
Ebola Zaire or Ebola Sudan, following vaccination with Reston, might not
induce neutralizing antibodies but rather antibodies that would facilitate
uptake of the virus via Fc-receptors on macrophages, greatly increasing
the disease, as happened with the dengue vaccine. Isn't this part of the 
fear surrounding some of the clade vaccine research for HIV?

Matt Wettlaufer
SFSU/Virology, Microbiology

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