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hangehf at public3.bta.net.cn hangehf at public3.bta.net.cn
Sun Aug 4 12:01:51 EST 1996

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am a research assistant in the Institute of Virology, Chinese
Academy of Preventive Medicine. Last year, I got my doctor degree of
microbiology and immunology. I have experience on molecular biology,
virology, vaccinology and also immunology. I want to find a position
in US. Although till today my works are all about Hantavirus, I'd like
to accept any works in the fields I mentioned above and I have the
confidence to do them well. Anyone have interesting please contact me
with the following e-mail addre ss: hangehf at public3.bta.net.cn.

I enclose my CV below. I am just waiting for your response.

Sincerely yours,

Yao Shuyuan, Ph.D
Institute of Virology, CAPM
#100 Ying Xin Jie, Xuan Wu Qu
Beijing 100052, CHINA



National Laboratory of HFRS, Institute of Virology , 
Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine(CAPM)
#100 Yingxin Jie, Xuanwu Qu, Beijing 100052, 
P. R. China
Tel.  0086-10-63539775         Fax.  008610-63532053
E-mail: hangehf at public3.bta.net.cn

Sex: Male.  Birthdate: 26/03/1969. Birthplace: TangShan, China

Research Interest:
Molecular Biology, Virology and Immunology


Ph.D. Microbiology & Immunology. 
Institute of Virology, CAPM. Beijing, China.
Dissertation: Preparation of vaccinia virus vectored vaccine against
epidemic hemarrhagic fever(EHF). Mentor: Dr. Hang Changshou. M.D. &

Bachelor degree of Science. Virology and Molecular Biology. 
Dept. of virology, Wuhan University. China

l995--      Institute of virology, CAPM
Construction of recombinant RNA based on the Semliki Forest Virus(SFV)
replicon in order to express the nucleocapsid protein and glycoprotein
of hantaan virus.

1991--1995  Institute of Virology, CAPM
1. Preparation and characterizations of candidate virus strain (PS-6)
for killed vaccine against EHF. 2. The cloning and sequencing of M
genome segment of Hantavirus chinese isolate PS-6 strain. 3.
Co-express M and S segments of Hantaan virus genome in    vaccinia
virus TianTan strain. Development of vaccinia virus-vectored vaccine
against EHF 4. The studies on virulence of Hantaan virus:
    a. The selection of attenuated virus clone. 
    b. Establishment of animal model and virulence markers.

Feb.--July.1991  Institute of Developmental Biology, Academia Sinica,
China The cloning and sequencing of homologue sequence of Anti-Freeze
Glycoprotein in fresh water teleost genome.

Chinese Association for Medical Virology
Chinese Association for Gene Engineering

Computer science: 
1.familar with all systems on PC such as OS7.5 for MAC, OS2 Wrap,
WindowsX and also Win95; 2.can make small programs in C++ ; have some
experience on operating database; 3.familiar with databases on
molecular biology such as GenBank, EMBL, Entrez, PDB and PIR on net;
4.familiar with anaylysis softwares on molecular biology; have
experience on molecular analysis and structure prediction. 

1. Prof. Hang Changshou, MD, Chief of the Dept. of HFRS, Institute of
Virology, CAPM. #100 Ying Xin Jie, Xuan Wu Qu, Beijing 100052, CHINA.
Tel. 0086-10-3539775, Fax. 0086-10-3532053. 2. Prof. Li Dexin, MD,
Dept. of HFRS, Institute of Virology, CAPM. #100 Ying Xin Jie, Xuan Wu
Qu, Beijing 100052, CHINA. Tel. 0086-10-3539775, Fax.0086-10-3532053.
3. Prof. Ruan Li, MD & Ph.D, Chief of the Dept. of Genetics, Institute
of Virology, CAPM. #100 Ying Xin Jie, Xuan Wu Qu, Beijing 100052,
CHINA. Tel. 0086-10-3529224, Fax: 0086-10-3529224. e-mail:
ruanl at public3.bta.net.cn

1. Construction of genomic library of a fresh water teleost(leuciscus
waleckii) and detection of it's homologous sequences of anti-freeze
protein gene. Chinese Journal of biotechnology, 8(2) 192-196,1992 2.
Establishment of markers for virulence of Hantavirus Chinese Journal
of Virology, 11(4):298-304,1995 3. Cloning and transient expression of
M genome segment cDNA of Hantaan virus chinese isolate A9 Chinese
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Virology, 9(4):332-336,1995 4.
Sequencing of M genome segment cDNA of Hantavirus chinese isolate A9
Chinese Journal of Virology, 10(1):1-5, 1995 5. Screen of candidate
strain for Hantavirus-type inactivated vaccine against EHF and it's
characterization. Chinese Journal of Microbiology and lmmunology. in
press. 6. Co-expression of hantaan virus' M and S segments in vaccinia
virus Tiantan strain.  Chinese Journal of Virology. in press.

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