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PhD schoolarships in molecular virology/cryo-electron microscopy - AUSTRALIA

A. Khromykh A.Khromykh at mailbox.uq.oz.au
Tue Oct 31 21:26:46 EST 1995


	For 3 years commencing January, 1996

	Two scholarships are available for students with a B.Sc. Hons. 
1 or 2A degree obtained with training plus research experience in the 
area of molecular biology, or of cell biology and ultrastructural 
analysis.  Current value of the Scholarship is $14,961 per annum.

Students will be based at the Sir Albert Sakzewski Virus Research 
Centre (SASVRC at the Herston Campus, with Professor E Westaway and Dr 
A Khromykh) or the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (St Lucia 
campus, with Dr M Jones) for an integrated project funded by NHMRC.  
The research aims to define the sites of flavivirus replication and 
the roles of the seven nonstructural (ns) proteins encoded by Kunjin 
virus (related to Murray Valley encephalitis, yellow fever and 
dengue).  Kunjin virus has been a key laboratory model for the 
molecular biology of flaviviruses for many years.

Each of the Kunjin ns genes has been expressed from cDNA in vivo and 
in vitro, and specific antibodies prepared against all the purified ns 
proteins.  Infectious Kunjin RNA and self replicating subgenomic RNA 
or replicons are transcribed as required from the stable cDNA 
constructs at SASVRC.  The latest techniques for cryo-electron 
microscopy and immunogold labelling of infected cells are already 
established by Dr Jones at St Lucia.  One student will be involved in 
the molecular biology of flavivirus replication, preparing mutated 
viruses, replicons and specific ns genes via cDNA changes.  Expression 
and biochemical analyses of the effects of specific mutation on virus 
replication will be analysed.  The other student will use wild type 
virus and the genetic constructs introduced into cells for analyses of 
induced changes in ultrastructure and definition of the location of 
individual ns proteins in replication complexes.  Facilities and 
equipment are excellent at both locations.

This integrated project is a novel joint approach to unravelling the 
events of flavivirus replication, and the results will find 
application to other viruses of medical and veterinary importance with 
similar replication strategies.  Such studies could lead to the design 
of antiviral drugs or vaccines.

Interested students please contact Professor Westaway (phone (617) 
3253 1400 or fax (617) 3253 1401) or Dr. Khromykh (phone (617) 3253 
1569, Email A.Khromyk at mailbox.uq.oz.au) or Dr Jones (phone 3365 3249 
or fax 3365 2199, Email: m.jones at mailbox.uq.oz.au) for further 

The information is also  available on 
Dr. Alexander Khromykh
Sir Albert Sakzewski Virus Research Centre 
The Royal Chidren's Hospital
Herston Rd, Herston, Brisbane, Qld,
40029, Australia
Phone: 617 3253 1569 
Fax:   617 3253 1401    
Email: A.Khromykh at mailbox.uq.oz.au

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