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Jonas.Blomberg at alinks.se Jonas.Blomberg at alinks.se
Mon Oct 30 05:01:42 EST 1995

>Does anyone know any good web sites? 

May I recommend my virology page at

http://www.medfak.lu.se/medinst/mmb/virology.html    ?


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Subject: Re: Web Sites...
Author:  SE {nelsonic at netins.net} at UUCP
Date:    1995-10-27 8.00

>   Does anyone know any good web sites? I already have the address for 
>CDC, incase you dont have it, it's: 
>It's pretty good. So, send me tons of sites if you can... 

I (unfortunately) only have a couple besides the CDC's.  Here are they: 
World Health Organization WWW Home Page,http://www.who.ch/
WWW Server for Virology,

Any others anyone?

The following sites are related to health more than virus specific, but 
may be of interest just the same:
Snake Bite,http://www.xmission.com:80/~gastown/herpmed/snbite.htm
Sleep Medicine Home Page,http://www.cloud9.net/~thorpy/ 
OncoLink, The University of Pennsylvania Cancer 
Pharmaceutical Information Network Home Page,http://pharminfo.com/ 
The Good Health Web,http://www.social.com/health/index.html
The NIAID Home Page ,http://www.niaid.nih.gov/ 
Virtual Hospital Home
Mayo Clinic,http://www.mayo.edu/

Good day to all....

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