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cornel at DIASPC.VSAT.RO cornel at DIASPC.VSAT.RO
Mon Oct 16 07:41:17 EST 1995

 Str. Argentina, no 35, sector 1
 Bucuresti- Romania

 Who we are

(RFDNR) was founded in 1994 by Radu-Loghin Cornel, who is an
engineer and Ilisei Claudiu -lawyer.

The idea of setting-up an organisation to protect and defend for
the non-smokers ' rights was born when Mrs. dr. Lisetta Stembor
from Netherlands issued her advertisement in the " Bursa"
newspaper looking for persons who are willing to be involved in
this field.

Mrs. Lisetta Stembor received two letters from Romania- one of
them was from eg.  Radu-Loghin Cornel and the other one from
layer Ilisei Claudiu and further on she helped them to meet and
they became friends quickly ( a commom thing for their friendship
is the fact they were born in the same town, Piatra Neamt- north-
eastern Romania) and soon they convinced the priest Radu Ovidiu
to join and so the Fundation was built.

As any beginning proved to be very difficult, the beginning of
their Fundation was not an exception.

First of all, it was pretty tough to start as everybody around
was suspicious of setting-up this organisation and many of them
dind't understand the real motivation for such an organisation.

Starting such a work with this organisation, we found out that
there is EUN (European Union of Nonsmokers) and contacted
LCFTP-DNF (France), Mr. Jean Tostain.  He visited Romania twice
and brought with him many leaflets and brochures issued by EUN
and LCFTP-DNF. So we learned that there are many other similar
organisations in Europe and we immediately contacted them and
soon they sent us a lot of documentation speaking about the
structure of their organisation and work which we gladly

Now, our organisation is a member of UEN.

Having already some fragile roots, our organisation started to
advertise its programme. We issued some attractive advertisements
in some of the Romanian newspapers asking people who have any
interest in dabating smoking issue to join our Fundation.

The President of RFDNR- Radu-Loghin Cornel gave interviews to the
national broadcasting programme for a daily news programme called
" Radio news about Romania'' on May 22,1995 and May 31,1995 and
the result of his brief presentation of the targets of the
organisation was absolutely spectacular as many letters came from
people who took great interst in this issue and who expressed
their wish to join the Fundation.

At present, EUN support us to issue RFDNR joining forms to be
sent to the people who wrote us and wanted to join our Fundation.

We were successful in issuing by computer some posters and sent
them to our members who wanted to exhibit them in their office
and so to convince people to give up smoking.

In order to come to the fore in the country, we contacted the
local newspapers and at present , we cooperate with two of these
publications which currently present the activity of our

Within the activity we are carrying on , we plan to built up in
the mountains a Center for health protection and recovery for the
persons whose health was badly damaged by smoking or for persons
who were effected by passive smoking.

We think this is quite an ambitious programme for our Fundation
but if we are lucky enough, we shall be probably able to
accomodate in some years the EUN session at this new Center in
Romania ! The area we intend to project this Center for heath
protection and recovery is absolutly fascinating with mountains
around and fresh air but we are aware that the project will
involve a lot of work and money.  We wish to cooperate with any
other organisations or persons from Romania or abroad who are
willing to invest in setting up such a Center.

We are at the beginning of our activity within our Fundation and
it is pretty hard work to accomplish ( there are no modern
facilities such as computer, fax, xerox ) , but somebody said
that we are a wonderful team and we shall be successful anyway.

We want to open an exhibition with theme: Smoke and Non-smokers
rights. This is the reason we ask you for some documents about
this theme (posters, T-shirts, folders.....)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all persons who
helped and still do and probably will do this in the future ,
too, and any of their assistance or financial support will be
welcomed by our Fundation.

cornel at diaspc.vsat.ro

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