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Needed - Just one precedent

Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at io.org
Sun Oct 1 19:04:28 EST 1995


You write:

>I don't know where I got this idea or whether it is right, but I
>think myxomatosis virus is spread from one rabbit to another by
>fleas, mosquitos etc. feeding on the lesions, which contain
>hight titers of virus, then going and feeding on an uninfected
>animal.  It was my understanding that the virus does not
>replicate in the arthropod vector, but is carried mechanically.

>Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?  

 hmmmm "mechanical" huh?  "Mechanical vector".  Perfect, I LIKE it.  
Yes, I am looking for just ONE confirmed and documented mechanical 
vector.  I will now surf the Net for "myxomatosis".  Who knows?  There 
may be a homepage devoted to rabbits, and I am sure there are pet.vet 
kind of home pages.

 Yes, Walter, this would be a PERFECT example.  I will now do some 
homework, thanks!
>Do you know what causes the lesions on the turtles?  

 No one knows for sure.  However, I have been kicking a hunch around for 
about two/three weeks and before I cough up the hunch, I need one other 
precedent and you might have just given it to me.

 Thanks!  By the way, if you are interested in reading and seeing photos 
of the tumours, and you have a webbrowser, just visit our homepage 
called Turtle Trax.  The http info is at the bottom in my signature.

 You helped me a HEAP!

 (I wrote the above in email to you but I need to add this.  I have 
surfed the Net for myxomatosis and got only 5 references to it - 
something about the tick being Spanish but that's all.

 What is CRITICAL is the tick must not carry the virus inside like a 
mosquito does but on its little feet or on its hairy little legs.  What 
I am hoping for is to find a disease that maybe a house fly carries.  

 Remember all those stories about not knowing where a house fly was 
before it landed on your food?  Well I would like a landing/flitting 
kind of vector who carries disease on feet or dentition or something.

 I will now post a message about myxomatosis.  The other thing I know 
about the disease it is did in 90% of the Australian rabbit population 
through its introduction to the continent.  So the disease MUST have 
plenty of documentation.

 Thanks again.

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