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Ebola: the movie:labjokes

Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Fri Mar 31 01:46:33 EST 1995

In article <m0rtuqU-00018BC at uctmail.uct.ac.za>, ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za ("Ed
Rybicki") wrote:

> > I can see it now. Scientists sweeping around in their wheeled lab bench 
> > chairs hitting the waste basket with an ejected pipette tip from across 
> > the room. We could start an ad campaign or a new movie entitled 
> > "Scientists In The Hood".....
> > 
> > Brick.
> You mean your people don't do that already?  Mine do...and discuss 
> politics loudly, and debate the relative merits of the Rolling Stones 
> and Jimi Hendrix and that more modern rubbish, and have competitions 
> involving putting out a candle with a spoon dangling from a string 
> tied to the back of the belt...(not my students, those - from the 
> floor below).  Oh, and making mobiles  out of dried stained 
> acrylamide gels, Eppendorf vials, pipette tips and toothpicks.  And 
> modelling phages on African cultural weapons...the possibilities are 
> endless - and scientists / virologists is people too!

I subscribe too. Me and my colleagues find *real* fun in scoring as many
paper balls as possible in the waste basket from as far as possible (of
course running on our wheeled lab bench chairs ). I see once a big boss
putting a couple of 15ml tubes in his nose to see how he would have looked
like with mustaches. It is enough obvious that nobody will do that with
things contaminated by something dangerous, scientists are joking pepople,
but not stupid, ya know?
maga at vetbio.unizh.ch 

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