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Parallel Tool for Ecological Simulation Available via WWW/ftp

Bill Maniatty maniattb at quark.cs.rpi.edu
Fri Mar 24 00:45:27 EST 1995

This is to announce the release of our parallel software tool for
ecological simulation. The software announced implements the
Territorially Explicit Massively Parallel Ecological Simulation Tool,
abbreviated TEMPEST, for the MasPar MP-1 and MP-2 parallel machines.
In addition to software, a user manual and several related
publications, are now available via the internet.  The TEMPEST system
is parameterized, with the parameters defining the number of species,
their properties and initial spatial distribution.  The parameters are
set by the user through parameter files.  TEMPEST has been used to
simulate spatially explicit ecological models of interspecies
competition, parasitism, infections and vector-borne disease.

TEMPEST is supports the model described by Szymanski and Caraco in
[1].  TEMPEST models a closed two-dimensional habitat, populated by
two competing host species.  A generalized cellular automata technique
is employed, discretizing the space into cells, called sites.  Each
site can support at most one host organism, so species compete for
space.  In addition, they are subject to parasitism, and infection by
a direct or vector-borne pathogen.

This interdisciplinary research on ecological simulation is being done
at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with the support of the National
Science Foundation (grant BIR-9320264).  The principle investigator is
Prof. Boleslaw Szymanski from the Rensselaer department of computer
science, with Prof. Thomas Caraco from the Department of Biology at
SUNY Albany participating as a senior investigator.  The research
assistant in this project, supported also by a fellowship from the IBM
Corporation, has been Mr. William Maniatty.  Mr. Maniatty is a
principal writer of the program and the user's manual, so questions
concerning the implementation should be directed to him.

TEMPEST is written in mpl (MasPar's data parallel dialect of C) and
ANSI C, and is known to run on a MasPar MP-1 using less than 4096
bytes of memory per PE.  The front end is a DEC DECstation 5000
running ULTRIX V4.3 (Rev. MP-3.22), and UWS4.3 (Rev. 10).  It is known
to compile and link using the MasPar mpl version 3.2.13, and the MIPS
Computer systems 2.10 version of cc.

To access the software we have a WWW page:
or if you prefer anonymous ftp to:
                ./pub/tempest - containing the TEMPEST source code,
                ./pub/maniattb - containing the TEMPEST papers and
                ./pub/szymansk/eec.ps - the electronic copy of [1].

You may also wish to contact the following:
Mr. William A. Maniatty         maniattb at cs.rpi.edu
Prof. Boleslaw Szymanski        szymansk at cs.rpi.edu

[1] B.K. Szymanski and T.Caraco.  Spatial analysis of vector-borne disease:
                 A four species model.  Evolutionary Ecology, 8:299--314, 1994.
|	maniattb at cs.rpi.edu - in real life Bill Maniatty

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