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HIV-1 vs HIV-2 (fwd)

Naomi Gayle Housman nhousma at EMORY.EDU
Tue Mar 21 00:49:32 EST 1995

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Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 00:14:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Naomi Gayle Housman <nhousma at emory.edu>
To: Patrick O'Neil <patrick at corona>
Subject: Re: HIV-1 vs HIV-2

Dear Patrick

I am intersted in your thoughts as well, and find them provocative.  I am 
currently doing a PhD thesis in molecular virology, and do most of my 
work at C.D.C. in Atlanta.  I had the great fortune of meeting Dr. Ewald 
when he came and spoke about those very same issue of origins of HIV and 
mutational frequencies (this was before his book was out).  I found his 
arguements to be sound and his reasoning logical.  I have recently 
started his book which I find to be lucid as well.

My research is focused around analysis of HIV-1 quasispecies in vivo by 
sequencing pol-RT, env v3-v5, and nef sequences.  I would be interested 
in your thoughts regarding the 'proper' analysis of such data which will 
be generated from viral RNA as well as proviral DNA source material.  We 
are engaged in a longitudinal study of 400 patients or more who are being 
treated with AZT, so we will be receiving samples serially.

Anyway I hope to hear from you soon.....

Chad Womack (Naomi is my wife)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Centers for Infectious Diseases
Division of HIV/AIDS, Immunology Br
Atlanta, GA

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, Patrick O'Neil wrote:

> On 16 Mar 1995, Gary Ross wrote:
> > Thanks Patrick. That was a good overview. Is HIV your field of   
> > research?  How long have the strains been differentiated? 
> >  
> > - Gary Ross
> Hello.  HIV is only indirectly my research.  I work with recombination 
> and mutation frequency.  Though my own work presently revolves around 
> bacterial MutS and mismatch repair, the lab I am in also studies reverse 
> transcriptase, especially its error rate as it relates to HIV mutation 
> rates as a whole.
> As you can see, if you saw the message to me from Rybicki, there is some 
> dispute over the origins of HIV.  Beyond the work of the lab I am 
> attached to, I also have an interest in general in viruses.  Most of my 
> evolutionary information derives from several sources, but in particular, 
> Paul W. Ewald's book, _Evolution of Infectious Disease_.  An excellent 
> book that addresses epidemics from an evolutionary perspective and 
> discusses means of understanding, and perhaps preventing, many epidemics 
> based on selective pressures.  Ewald sites many supporting works for his 
> propositions and theories.  
> Patrick

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