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Outbreak (the movie)...and SPOILERS!

deborah wisti-peterson nyneve at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 14 03:14:51 EST 1995

i saw outbreak and thought the movie was totally stupid. 
it made scientists look like a bunch of miracle-workers 
that can cure any evil virus-caused disease within days 
of its discovery, it made military officers look like a 
pack of megalomaniacal crazies, and it is so bloody 
inaccurate that i was simply astounded. one of many 
inaccuracies; screening for the virus in blood samples using 
a light microscope. another example; looking at an electron
micrograph of the virus within mere hours of its being 
discovered. another example; "100% virulence and it kills 
within hours." hahahaha. another inaccuracy; using the monkey 
serum to cure the all of the sick people within the town 
within *hours* of infusion. (like that monkey has that 
much serum! did you see how much serum was in the bag that 
was given to that sick doctor? that was a big serum donation
for a monkey that was "the size of a housecat"...er, if the
monkey survived the donation process, that is). another inaccuracy
was the fact that the victims of the virus ("motaba")
apparently recovered without any permanent damage to
their internal organs. if this virus can kill "within hours",
then why were these people perfectly healthy after being on
their death beds only hours previous to receiving the monkey's
serum? and that soldier/helicopter pilot/scientist/electron 
microscopist was just a little bit unbelievable, don't you think?

dustin hoffman was shallow and morgan freeman was stilted. i was
really disappointed. i want my $6.75 back!

                   Deborah Wisti-Peterson, BS
      nyneve at u.washington.edu or wisti at zoology.washington.edu
University of Washington; Dept. of Zoology; Box 351800; Seattle, Wa
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