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Jackson Kang-M Lin st0109 at STUDENT-MAIL.JSU.EDU
Wed Mar 1 21:42:31 EST 1995

On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Always Learning wrote:

> You wrote:
> >P.S. I know you do not care a damn, but we are about the same age. I am 
> >     24 too. You could be older or younger. 
> >
> I'm sorry. I think that I was a little moody while writing yesterday. I should
> clairify. It is not that, "I don't care", so much that, "It really does not
> make a difference."  I guess... I do care, but your age and background do not
> have an effect on my thoughts. (In the same that who I am has no effect on your
> thoughts.)  What I actulualy (errrr.) was trying to do was "cover my bases" in
> case that you were HIV (+) or had come down with gonereia or whatever. If that
> was the case, and I hope that it is not, I wanted to be clear that I hope that
> a cure comes soon for yourself and other like yourself. And while I feel bad
> for those who have STD's, all I can really say is that they earned them.
> I will prepare a list of journal articles that I will post to the newsgroup as
> soon as I get some time.  This week is very bad for me. I imagine that I can
> through it together over the weekend.
> Good to hear from you. If you ever want to ask about Ebola I'll be here.
> Later
> Jim=AL
Well, I think you are a very sensitive kind of guy or think too much. Be 
honest with you. If I have AIDS or STD'S or Ebola viruses, I would not be 
here talking to you. Maybe I talked too much or my wording somehow misled 
you. Remember I told you that I always confuse people, or they get lost 
because of something I said. Well, I guess I have done it again. It is a 
good trademark of mine, and it is hard to get rid off. The reason I talk 
much about STD's is that they are a very common nature nowadays, but what 
has gone wrong? And I really hate people who are fooling around and passing 
the viruses to other people who do not deserve to get them. And it is scary 
not to know the people around me who has AIDS, STD's or what have you, 
which are highly contagious.
The other thing I shoud clarify as well. When I said "I know you do not 
care a damn," I meant it in the good way like you did. I do not know 
about you, but it is like when I talk to a person, I always observe how 
he speaks. Then I fit in with the same type of language he is using to 
make him feel as comfortable as possible, not like you are speaking 
English and I am speaking Spanish. You know?
Hope you will get through this weekend fine. Like I said, after I 
organize my thoughts a little bit, I will talk to you more about the 
Ebola viruses.

P.S. I suspect you are from UMass. Am I right?

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