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let's get a virus FAQ going

Lyle Najita ijiwaru at nyc.pipeline.com
Sat Jul 22 14:03:33 EST 1995

In bionet.virology austin at netcom.com (Tommy Beach) said: 
>I think a FAQ should be created for this group.  I went to: news.answers
and I  
>couldn't find one so I suspect one hasn't been created. 
>I personally feel an FAQ should cover the following: 
>What is a virus?  
>Are viruses alive? 
>What is the difference between a virus and a bacterium? Can you be cured
of a  
>virus by any medical means? What is an inoculation and how does it work?
>is influenza? 
>Do flu shots work? 
>How do you know if you have a virus? 
>What is a retro-virus? 
>What is a level I, II, III, IV virus? 
>Can viruses be put to good use? 
>I would be willing to put it together but I am not a virologist.  To do it
>right, a virologist would have to either put it together or cross check my
>work.  Perhaps others could contribute to this thread any questions they
>feel a FAQ should have regarding viruses. 
>Tommy Beach 
I can't speak for the working virologists on this group, but me personally
I feel an FAQ is unnecessary.  Compiling an FAQ is a lot of work,
especially with the level of discussion you are asking for.  There are any
number of good basic virology text books that already cover the topics you
listed above.  Any good basic text will give you the info you request. 
This is one thing that existing books already do far better than the net. 
Lyle Najita 

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