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Small pox

Steve Quan squan at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jan 27 18:30:06 EST 1995

In <3g39db$3a4 at news.millcomm.com> Tisha Sweeney <spam at millcomm.com> 

>squan at ix.netcom.com (Steve Quan) wrote:
>> Ok,ok I'm just your average layman  with an interest in teeny tiny 
>> bugs.  I feel stupid asking, but here goes.  Can anyone tell me WHY 
>> small pox is no longer a threat?  I understand about the eradication 
>> campaign and that the last case was reported sometime in the late 
>>  Isn't the bug itself still out there somewhere (besides the stuff in 
>> deep freeze)? How do they know it's gone?  If answers would be too 
>> for this post can anyone recommend a book?  Pardon my ignorance and 
>> thanks.   
>This isn't an answer, but I thought while someone brought this topic 
up, I'd
>ask my own questions.  From what I've heard, smallpox really isn't much 
of a threat
>anymore, thanks to widespread vaccination programs.  However, recently 
>people have become concerned that, since smallpox *isn't* a threat 
>people aren't (generally) being vaccinated against it anymore, and 
there is always
>the possibility of an "escape" of the virus from a lab is always there. 
 I guess I
>just wanted to hear some people's opinions this issue.
>Sorry about the artificial line breaks.  New newsreader.
>- Tisha/Ellis/Spam
>  spam at millcomm.com

That's what brouht the question to my mind in the first place - it bugs 
me that my kids are not vaccinated against it - I asked the pediatrician 
and only got a benign smile.
- Mo Quan

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