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First International Symposium on Cytokines and HIV

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Sun Jan 8 17:04:41 EST 1995

                    HIV AND CYTOKINES

                     15-17 March 1995

                       Reims, France

   organized by the Andre Demonchy Institute of Medical
   Research (I.R.M.A.D.), University of Reims Champagne-
        Call for abstracts and preliminary program

   Dear colleagues,

   We  cordially invite you to participate in  this  first
   Symposium  on HIV and cytokines which will  take  place
   on 15-17 March 1995, in Reims, France.

   The  sophisticated cytokine network is playing a  major
   role  in  the  physiological  interactions  within  the
   immune  system and in fact between  cells of the  whole
   organism.  The  hyperactivation of  the  immune  system
   that follows HIV infection results in dysregulation  of
   the  cytokine  network. As a consequence,  a  shift  of
   cytokine   profile  may  be  associated  with   disease
   progression in infected human. Cytokines themselves  do
   modulate  HIV replication in infected cells  and  thus,
   may influence the spreading of HIV into its host.

   Wether  cytokine  dysregulation   is  a  cause   or   a
   consequence of AIDS progression, represents one of  the
   major   topics  in  the  sutdy  of  AIDS  pathogenesis.
   Whatever   the  answer  is,  modulation   of   cytokine
   expression  in  the  course  of  the  disease  must  be
   considered  for the development of new therapeutic  and
   vaccine strategies.

   This  is an invitation to join and participate  to  the
   First  International Symposium on  HIV  and  Cytokines.
   Special   Lectures,  Plenary  Sessions   as   well   as
   Workshops,  with the involvement of leading  reseachers
   and  clinicians, will discuss data from the front  line
   of medical science.

   The  Conference  format is built to  favour  scientific
   interchange  between  all  the  participants.  It  will
   constitute,   during  three  full   days,   an   unique
   continious forum to update our knowledge in  the  field
   of  HIV  and cytokines interactions and to develop  new
   concepts   for   future   AIDS  therapy   and   vaccine

   Looking  forward  to  see you in  the  city  of  Reims,
   Capital  of  Champagne, for high quality and productive
   scientific exchanges, in a wonderful atmosphere.
   With all best wishes,
   Pr. M. Guenounou


   Local Organizing commitee:
   M Guenounou (France)
   F Barre Sinoussi (France)
   P Debre(France)
   JF Delfraissy (France)
   D Dormont (France)
   D Emilie (France)
   D Fradelizi (France)
   International Scientific Advisory Board:
   AK Abbas (USA)
   B Aggarwal (USA)
   JC  Ameisen (USA)
   JC Chermann (France)
   JM Dayer (Switzerland)
   GW Duff (UK)
   V Erfle (Germany)
   A Fauci (USA)
   W Fiers (Belgium)
   T Folks (USA)
   P Galanaud (France)
   R Gallo (USA)
   A Kadio (Ivory cost)
   L Kaptue (Cameroon)
   R Khaitov (Russia)
   T Kishimoto (Japan)
   F Miedema (Netherlands)
   L Montagnier (France)
   WE Paul (USA)
   G Pavlakis (USA)
   S Romagnani (Italy)
   GM Shearer (USA)
   H Wigzell (Sweden)
   M Zouali (France)
   The  first International Symposium on cytokines/HIV  is
   co-sponsored by:
   Andre Demonchy Institute for Medical Research
   Ministry of Health
   Ministry of Research anf higher education
   Ministry of co-operation
   Conseil Regional Champagne-Ardenne
   Conseil general de la Marne
   City of Reims
   Respect International
                      Important Dates
   January 21, 1995: Deadline for submission of abstract
   February 10, 1995: Deadline for advanced registration
   February 15, 1995: Last date for hotel reservations
                    Scientific Program

   Theme 1: HIV-induced cytokine dysregulation
   Special lecture:
        Determination of cytokine phenotype.
   S1:  Effects   of  HIV  on  monokine  (and   receptor)
        expression. Cytokine-induced early biochemical events.
   S2:  Effects  of HIV on cytokine nuclear  and  cellular
        transcriptional factors.

   S3:  A/ Programmed cell death. Non-specific suppressor factors. 
        B/ Mechanisms of CD4 cell dysfunction.
   W1:  Cytokines and opportunitic agents.
   W2:  Cytokines in AIDS. Methodological approach.
   W3:  Cytokines. Clinical relevance in AIDS?
   Theme 2:   Consequences   of   cytokine   dysregulation
   ========   on HIV infections
   Special lecture:
        Regulation and dysregulation among T helper subsets  in
        infectious disease models.
   S4:  Regulation  of  HIV  expression.  Viral   burdens
        (including cofactors, other viruses..)
   S5:  Infection  of  lymphoid organs (thymus,  dendritic
        cells, macrophages...)
   S6:  A/  T  helper  cell  subsets  (Th1/Th2). 
        B/  HIV-specific immune response.
   W4:  Animal models (SCID, lymphoid organs, ...).
   W5:  Cytokines  as  a  therapeutic  approach  in   HIV
   W6:  Mechanisms of immune hyperactivation by HIV.
   Theme 3: AIDS pathogenesis and therapeutic strategies
   S7:  HIV-specific immune response and T cell depletion.
        Alteration of haematopoiesis and lymphopoiesis.
   S8:  Oncogenesis and HIV
   S9:  Cytokines  and  anti-cytokines  in  future   AIDS
        therapy and vaccine.
   Special lecture:
        Cytokines   in   the  pathogenesis  of   HIV   disease
   Implications for therapeutic Intervention.
                  Submission of Abstracts
   Participants  are  invited to submit  an  abstract  for
   presentation at the Symposium.
   For  the  widest  dissemination  of   recent advances  
   on  HIV  and  cytokines,  continuous   poster session  
   is planned. Posters will relate to the  topics covered  
   by the plenary sessions and workshops.
   Posters will  be  displayed for the duration of the conference.
   Authors  are responsible for displaying their  material
   at  the due time and also for removing it at the  close
   of  the  conference. 
   The amount of poster  board  space available  to  authors at  
   poster  sessions  will   be approximately 100 cm wide by 
   180 cm high.  Each  poster must  be labelled at the top which 
   the abstract  title, the  name(s)  of  the presenting author(s),
   co-authors and the address(es) of the institution(s) where  the
   research was carried out.
   Workshop  sessions: 
   In addition, the abstracts accepted for   poster  presentation
   will  form  the  basis  for discussion   of   important, novel  
   and  contradictory results  at such workshops. 
   The chairs of the workshops will  select from the abstracts submitted,  those  most
   suitable  for  inclusion in these discussions.  Authors whose 
   abstracts are selected will be informed by the local  organizing 
   committee about the  form  of  their participation and the format 
   of the workshop.
   The  final  program  and   a   book   of abstracts  will  be provide 
   to all registrants  at  the time  of  the conference site.
   The proceedings  of  the conference will be published as a special 
   issue  to  an International Journal.
   Abstract form guidelines:
   Please  contact the scientific secretary for  providing
   the official abstract form:
   Pr M Guenounou
   First International Symposium on HIV and cytokines
   Laboratoire d'Immunologie, Universite de Reims,
   51, rue Cognac Jay, 51100 Reims, France
   Telephone: 33 26 05 37 24
   Fax: 33 26 05 37 20
   1-  Abstracts  must  be submitted  in  English  on  the
       official abstract form.
   2-  Please  type  single space within the  borders  and
       leave no margins.
   3-  Abstarcts  will be reduced to 60% of  the  original
       size, thus characters that will be clearly readable  at
       this  reduction should be used. Do not erase, use fluid
       or corrector tape.
   4-  Capitalise  the  entire title,  then  type  in  the
       author's  name(s),  institution(s), city  and  country.
       Underline  the  presenting  author's  name  only.  Omit
       degrees, titles and full address.
   5-  Leave  one-line blank space between the  title  and
       the  body  text.  Do  not  leave  blank  lines  between
   6-  Organize  the  body  of the abstract  as  followas:
       Statement  of  purpose of the study- statement  of  the
       method   used-   summary  of  results-   statement   of
       conclusions reached.
   7-  Fill in the choice of workshop that best fits  your
   8-  The  first submitting author must be registered  by
       the 1st February 1995.
   9-  Send  the  Original  plus  four  copies   to   the
       scientific secretary at the address cited above.
   General informations:
   Organizing secretary:
   Mercure Communication International
   69, rue Ampere, 75017 Paris, France
   Telephone: 33 1 44 01 23 19/ 33 1 44 01 23 40
   Fax: 33 1 47 63 52 78
   Location of the congress:
   Centre 'Reims-Champagne Congres'
   12, Boulevard du General Leclerc, 51100 Reims, France
   	FF 1800 (advance), FF 2000 (on-site)
   Accompanying  persons:
   	FF 600 (advance),  FF  600  (on-site)
   Registration fees include:
   For the participants
   -  A  recital and welcoming cocktail on Tuesday 14th 
      March 1995.
   -  An  identification badge giving  to  all  scientific
      sessions  from  Wednesday March 15th  to  Friday  March
      17th   1995,   as   well  as  access  to   poster   and
      pharmaceutical exhibitions halls.
   -  A congress bag.
   -  Final programm and abstract book.
   -  Meal  tickets for lunches from Wednesday 15th  March
      to Friday 17th March 1995.
   For the accompaying persons:
   -  A  recital  and  welcoming cocktail  on  Tuesday  14th
      March 1995
   -  A guided visit to Reims
   -  A  full  day  tour  through the vineyard,  including
   Payment of Fees:
   Payment may be made by the following methods:
   - Cheque (in French Francs only)
   - Bank transfer
   - Credit card

     This is the first Symposium of the Andre Demonchy
        Institute of Medical Research (I.R.M.A.D.)

                   Scientific secretary:
                      Pr. M. Guenounou

    First international symposium on HIV and Cytokines

     Laboratoire d'Immunologie, Universite de Reims,
          51, rue Cognac Jay, 51100 Reims, France

               Telephone: (33) 260 537 24
                     Fax: (33) 260 537 20
		   Email: bouzit at robot.uvsq.fr                  

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