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Ebola/Hiv multiple questions

FARRELL_LARRY farrlarr at cwis.isu.edu
Sun Dec 31 09:51:25 EST 1995

In article <199512310800.BAA11312 at usr2.primenet.com>,
Mari Noerr <dolphy5 at PRIMENET.COM> wrote:


>I received a tape of Dr. Strecker's.  Are you familiar with this?  Is the
>idea he presents possible?  It soulnds very probable.  He suggests that the
>AIDS virus was transmitted first, not in monkeys of any kind, but actually
>when the  WHO  was in Africa giving the small pox vaccine to the residents
>there, they were actually using a form of chemical warfare.  He is a
>physician in California, and these tapes are wide spread, now.

I assume you are referring to "The Strecker Memorandum."  It is 
absolutely unmitigated balderdash.  Although Strecker gives a fine 
dramatic performance, and his every utterance is accepted with 
open-mouthed awe by the (very small) handpicked audience and his 
double-knit shill, his science is ridiculous.  As only one example, 
consider that he states unequivocally that a change in *any* base 
in the HIV genome will produce a mutation that significantly affects 
the virus's transmissability, virulence, etc.  That is patently false, 
but would be detected only by someone who has some background in, and 
understanding of, biology/genetics.  Vitually everything else Strecker 
says in that tape is equally ridiculous. 

I strongly recommend that you read the sci.med.aids FAQ for additional 
information about Strecker and other "dissidents" who spout the same type 
of "government conspiracy" idiocy.  You will also pick up considerable 
basic information about HIV/AIDS while there.

Larry D. Farrell, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology
Idaho State University

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