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I need infos!!!

Thu Dec 21 07:56:30 EST 1995

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> In article <4babcv$mnk at news.doit.wisc.edu>, Wilfred Perlmutter
> <laurfluff at macc.wisc.edu> wrote:
> > To all who Mock Me:
> > I feel that my concerns are legit.

> OK, so you were not joking. Too bad guy, you've lost a good opportunity.

> > You should be interested in knowing that a friend of mine who is a 
> > biostatistician working with viruses and related phenomenae informed me 
> > that the chance that viruses could evolve on their own is virtually 
> > infinitesimally small.  Simply more hard data backing me up.

> If true, how your friend explain biodiversity in general or evolution of
> influenza viruses that come up with different strains every year?
> Better you start to study molecular biology (together with your friend
> maybe...).

Seconded...!  I thought the original exchange was a brilliant piece 
of sarcasm a la Monty Python...but maybe it wasn't.

And as for biostatistician's views on the probability of viruses 
evolving...they'll still be searching for all of the data needed to 
accurately do such a calculation when we're all diesembodied 
intelligences sitting in a plasma cloud.  In a black hole, with the 

Viruses are, whether we think they should be or not.

PS: Happy Silly Season, vironauts.

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