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I need infos!!!

Rolf Marteijn Rolf.Marteijn at 94.student.wau.nl
Sun Dec 17 10:53:13 EST 1995

wilfred at ahabs.wisc.edu (Wilfred J. Perlmutter, PhD (home study))

>In article <4afl90$2jla at venere.inet.it>, valentino at peg.it (valentino) wrote:

>> Hi, I'm trying to compose an hypotesis substaining that there are kinds 
>> of viruses considered harmless and naturally presents in our blood that 
>> cause ageing, but to do (or to deny)that I need some infos.
>> What I need is : The exact composition of capsidis and the "armor" of a 
>> virus, moreover I've read that in presence of some enzymes viruses 
>> dissociate DNA or RNA from capsidis... which enzymes ???
>> ...Is there a way to depurate blood from viruses ? (perhaps injecting 
>> those enzymes?)
>> ...which viruses are considered harmless ????
>> Thank you for your cooperation....
>> post it to Valentino at peg.it

>Dear Valentino,

>Thank you for posting on bionet.virology.  I only wish more of the 
>uninformed public took such a valued interest in virology.  Your hypothesis 
>shows a stunning intellect!!!  I assume that you are a university faculty 
>member (based on broad based knowkedge of virology and trade vocabulary), 
>would it be possible for me to come study with you?

>I have my own theorey that viruses are a US government biowarfare experiment 
>gone bad.  I substantiate this theorey with 2 points:  1) No mention of 
>viruses are present in my 1936 World Book Encyclopedia (it is my belief that 
>the government created them in th 1940's); and 2) the presence of so many 
>movies such as Outbreak and Stephen King's The Stand suggest that the media 
>(which is controlled by an elite group of government officials headed by 
>John F. Kenedy's preserved nervous system and called the magestic 12)  knows 
>something that the public doesn't.

>Please respond soon, as I would like to begin research as soon as possible.


>A Concerned NRA Member

Yes, indeed very intelectual words, but totally without a meaning.
Maybe, for research about virusses you shouldn't look in an
encyclopedia. A very short search revealed the discovery of the rous
chicken sarcoma virus in 1911 !! (by Rous...) yellow fever-viurus in
1900 (by Walter Reed, yes from the research institute), Foot and Mouth
disease virus (FMDV) in 1898 and TMV (for 'insiders', Tabaco Mosaic
Virus for 'laymen') also in 1898. As far as I know, the technology
needed to create home-made virusses from scratch is not available yet,
but certainly, it wasn't available in 1900 !!! 

Virusses  were first discribed by the famous DUTCH scientist
Beijerinck, the start of virology in 1897, after the study of TMV at
Wageningen Agricultural University (source: Bionieuw 20 1995)

Just something else to consider: Bacteria were first seen by the
-again- Dutch scientist van Leeuwenhoek. This doesn't mean they
weren't present before. From different sources, it is found bacteria
have lived for milions of years, far before men evolved (if you at
least believe in evolution, otherwise just read 'created').

Two things to conclude: 

Virusses were not created by man (at least not from scratch, it's
possible to manipulate them at the moment)

The Netherlands is a very good state with good research..

Well, to react on your JFK fairy tale, maybe the nerves are also
infected with some alian-lifeform-virus (ALV or ALFV??!!). I'm sure
not all information about biological warfare is sent out to the
public, just like Russia has stocks of Ebola-virus freeze-dried, but
you are really wrong with your suggestions.

To react on the first question, JUST GRAB A GOOD BOOK ABOUT VIROLOGY
OR LOOK AT _THE VIRUS SITE_ at madison university (YAHOO -> VIROLOGY).
Then you learn something about virusses (how they are build) or look
at FIELD's VIROLOGY. The aging-problem has been reseached and it was
found that it had to do with biochemical systems inside our cells and
with reduced DNA-error-corrections at later age. You could also do
some research at the P53 molecule. It has been suggested to have
something to do with aging too....

Questions? Just mail/post....


Rolf Marteijn 
Wageningen Agricultural University

These statements are only mine, they don't represent the WAU-virology

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