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Rabbit calici virus adapts? (Alwyn Smith)

Stephen Bell ahaz at atlantis.actrix.gen.nz
Wed Dec 13 17:50:07 EST 1995

In article <4al8es$8b2 at orm.southern.co.nz>,
Brian Sandle <bsandle at southern.co.nz> wrote:
> I have recently heard Alwyn Smith of Oregon State University speaking
> about rabbit calici virus. He says that the people who say it will not
> adapt to other species are hoping that it will differ from other calici
> viruses in that respect. The other calici viruses do adapt.
> It is being debated whether to release it in New Zealand.
You mean "there is currently a PR damage-control exercise against the day 
it inevitably gets here."

I wonder when the Aussie rabbits will start fighting back? It is never in 
the interests of an infective agent to entirely eliminate its host. The 
infection vs resistance war will stabilise. The rabbits will survive. The 
dogs and cats will survive. The kiwis? I'm not sure.

On a slightly divergent topic: is the possum they so diligently preserve 
in Oz the same animal as we diligently try to exterminate here? Or is 
theirs the Irish-American species (O'possum), which I gather is a 
different animal?


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