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Help!! w/Particle Purification and Resolution

mkrol mkrol at macc.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 13 14:47:36 EST 1995

Hey there Happy Virologists!!
I have a practical lab problem that i'd like your collective input on.

My difficulty is that I would like to somehow resolve a mixture of virus
like particles I have, with diameters ganging from 28 nm to 20 nm.  There
seem to be discreet populations as i do see what seems to be a couple of
overlapping peaks on a sucrose gradient.  The S value of these things is
somewhat less than 88S, but i'm not exactly sure, as i don't presently have
access to an analytical ultracentrifuge.  I may have access to one in a
month or two, but i am unfamiliar with them and their uses/properties. My
particles, while fairly stable, are unstable enough that i don't want to
try equilibrium centrifugation...i think the high [salt] will make them
fall apart, and i actually want to resolve by size if possible, rather than

How MIGHT i resolve different size things in this size range?

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, no matter how crazy they may

Many thanks!!

-Micky Krol
Institute for Molecular Virology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

PGP key available upon request...i prefer to get mail in envelopes rather
than on postcards for all to see!!
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