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The Ebola virus - the end of the civilize

TLBentley tlbentley at aol.com
Thu Aug 31 20:29:40 EST 1995

>No because AIDS is a behavior driven disease.  The majority of the
>world's population is heterosexual and unless we all started to consort
>with drug addicts or hookers, or become hemophiliacs, there isn't much
>of a chance AIDS will affect the majority of us.

AIDS has a strong behavioral link and is emerging in the heterosexual
population of the US.  It is a weak virus compared to Hepatitis B and
becomes more easily transmitted sexually when another sexually transmitted
disease is present.  
The greatest threat to mankind is mankind's own behavior.  Communicable
diseases occur as a result of a agent being able to "take an opportunity"
and infect a susceptable host.  Ebola and other blood and body fluid borne
diseases can be prevented by rather simple infection control methods. 
STD's including HIV can be prevented the same way...but the clinics are
full every day.  We tell them, show them, treat them and try to reinforce
behavioral changes, but the clinics are full every day.  Some cultures
share wives, some countries have no disposable syringes, some religions
value bathing in a river that serves as a sewer or have ritualistic
wash your hands before eating and after the rest room, if you are a
medical professional use universal precautions,  don't swim in the Ganges
River and practice safe sex/ DON'T or use barriers (unless you are
mutually monogomous.)

...remember the old joke..."Doctor it hurts when I do that"...?  Well the
new one is "Nurse, I get sick when I do that..."  WELL, Don't do it!  But
the clinics are full everyday...

A Senior Community Health Nurse's perspective
( our county had the second highest rate of primary and secondary syphilis
in the entire state!!!  :-<  HMOs helped....in their own little
way..(opinion is not mine alone )

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