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Richard P. Lalonde lalondep at mindspring.com
Fri Aug 25 23:37:14 EST 1995

As a future MD who wants to work in virology, I too am concerned over the 
issue of cross-species transplantation. There are sooooooooo many different 
factors that need to be considered. . As history can dictate, one should 
endeavor to learn as much as possible (good and bad) about the repurcussions 
of tampering with mother nature. Just look at the effects of species 
introduction into a new habitat to see what I mean. Most of the time, the 
introduced species causes great harm to the existing populations. This is by 
no means 'natural selection', not when man is involved.

The human species has just about jumped our carrying capacity and unless 
something is done to control population, nature is about to start doing it for 
us (viruses are perhaps nature's way ).  As a doctor, one wants to help 
people live longer and better lives, but as  member of this species, I know 
that some limits need to be placed on how far we should go in this matter.

There are many people out there that can benefit from Xenotransplantation, and 
that includes major biotech industries($$$$$$$$). And we've all seen what 
happens when greed gets in the way.  Who knows what is going to happen in this 
crazy world we live in. All I know is that too much of a good thing can be 

I too would like to hear more debate on this and other bioethic topics.
Maybe with everyone involved we can solve the world's problems.
......yeah, right!


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