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The End - of the civilized world

Robin Weare persepha at csulb.edu
Sat Aug 26 15:20:12 EST 1995

PANGELETTI at bmg.bhs.uab.edu wrote:
: Aslepius1:
: Whoa!

: If you want to read about Biological Warfare look at the Japenese'sarmy
: unit 731 when it was in manchuria china.
: Read about the reprocusions of smallpox on the aztecs and myans when the
: spanish came. That is what will happen if ebola lands in the U.S. in more
: than one city and in people who travel by aircraft to other areas. It will
: be like a wildfire. 

: Maybe I am totally naive.  I've never heard of any use of virus as an agent of war. 
: So what exactly did the Japanese unit 731 do in Manchuria?  

A front-page article in the New York Times this year (sorry, I don't have
the exact date) reported that certain Japanese army doctors did research
with Chinese and Korean POWs, injecting them with various diseases and
observing their demise. They also autopsied still-living victims.

The revelations are only coming about now because some of the doctors,
ridden with guilt, have begun speaking of what they did; because of
a slightly more open political climate in Japan, the media is picking
up on it. 

Since the "experiments" were not of great scientific value, there are
probably no scientific papers to consult...assuming you can read
Japanese. Media interviews with the doctors are likely the only source.

While I don't agree with the claim that Ebola could "spread like
wildfire," it is true governments have done some rather stupid things
and considered even more stupid ones while researching possible
weapons of war.

Not a virologist -- just my 0.02 cents' worth.

Robin M. Weare

  "He who cannot howl, will not find his pack." 
         Charles Simac, "Selected Poems" 

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