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The Ebola virus - the end of the civilize

Ed Rybicki ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Fri Aug 25 01:01:01 EST 1995

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> From:          m1aport at ix.netcom.com (RICHARD DESOUSA)
> Subject:       Re: The Ebola virus - the end of the civilize
> Date:          24 Aug 1995 04:45:58 GMT

> In <s03471be.038 at shands.ufl.edu> KERSTING.PATHLOGY at mail.health.ufl.edu
> writes: 
> >>>>>>That the Ebola virus is a terrible threat to mankind is
> >undoubtable,...... 
> >Indeed, Ebola is the mightiest threat mankind has faced yet.<<<<<
> >
> >Hmm...Wouldn't you consider AIDS as a much bigger threat to
> >mankind????
> >
> >Robert

> No because AIDS is a behavior driven disease.  The majority of the
> world's population is heterosexual and unless we all started to consort
> with drug addicts or hookers, or become hemophiliacs, there isn't much
> of a chance AIDS will affect the majority of us.

You are a DIPWIT of the first order...there are approximately 11 000 
000 people of both sexes (pretty evenlyt spread) estimated to be 
infected with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa ALONE - and I would estimate 
that only a vanishingly small number of them are, or have sexually 
consorted with, drug addicts; a SMALL number of them are 
haemophiliacs; most of them will not be or will not have consorted 
with, prostitutes.  HIV/AIDS is a disease of NORMAL PEOPLE - who 
consort NORMALLY with other NORMAL people, who MAY have had the 
misfortune to have had intimate contact with someONE who had 
contracted the disease.  And in Africa, it is NOT via infected blood 
products or by needle abuse; it is by sex.  DON'T assume because in 
the US the disease is PRESENTLY mainly limited to IV drug abusers / 
haemophiliacs / prostitutes / gays that it will not become an 
ordinary heterosexual STD.  You don't have that security.

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